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Guest Posting Guidelines

Hi there and thanks for your interest in the Gizmoist blog! We welcome and regularly publish guest posts because they allow us to provide a diverse range of topics and expert insights for our readers. We do get a high volume of requests, however, but if you read and stick to these guidelines, you can expect a much quicker response time from us! 

First Thing First…it’s Paid!

Keep in mind that we charge a fee for approved guest posts (to account for our team’s work to review, edit and publish the article). Please don’t send any requests if you want a free guest post. Fee for a published guest post is revealed upon request and depends on the topic or niche and whether its a one-off or a regular opportunity.

Things to take care of…

  1. We accept a variety of topics that are closely as well as somewhat relevant to the website. However, we don’t accept adults, porn, gambling, dating, etc.
  2. Please have a good look at the categories of the products before sending requests.
  3. Article should be at least 700 words, more the better
  4. Original piece only. We will not publish spun or copied stuff
  5. If you’ve taken images from other sources, pls mention it. Happy to publish royalty free images
  6. Article should be well structured and divided into headings. For reference, please see  
  7. We won’t accept posts with spelling or grammatical errors.
  8. We will accept one do follow link per post for the targeted website/blog unless there is a prior agreement for more links.
  9. You can link to 2 authority / noncommercial websites excluding the the targeted website/blog
  10. You will have to link internally to an existing post of the blog (It’s a MUST)
  11. Turnaround time is 3 business days (generally we do it a lot quicker)
  12. Notification email will be sent after publishing.
  13. Payments have to clear within 48 hours of sending the notification via PayPal. If no payment received after 48 hours, we will remove the do follow link pointed to the targeted website and only put it back when payment is cleared

How to request?

Please fill the form below to send your request.

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