How to Use Wireless Charging Receiver for Older iPhones?

The mobile phones, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X have built-in Qi or wireless charging. If you have an older version of iPhone with a lightning port, then you can upgrade it for wireless charging.

Wireless charging is also called ‘inductive charging’. You place your phone on a charging mat to wirelessly charge it. Wireless charging receiver for iPhone can also help you wirelessly charge your iPhone.


How Should You Use Wireless Charging Receiver for Older iPhones?

A 0.5 mm (millimetre) thick wireless charging receiver is iQi Mobile. It sits between your iPhone case and your older iPhone with a lightning port. The receiver has an unbelievably thin cable which stoops around the bottom of iPhone and sits for good in the lightning jack. The receiver does fine specifically with the Qi wireless charging format. An advantage of iQi Mobile is that you can preserve your existing case, and add wireless charging to the iPhone versions older than iPhone 8 with a lightning port; however, a soft case is recommended.


Wireless Charging Receiver for iPhone 7, 6, 6S (6 Speed), 5, 5S (5 Speed or Security), and SE (Special Edition)

The wireless charging receiver for the mobile phones, iPhone 7, 6, 6S, 5, 5S, and SE is Nillkin Magic Tag Qi. The receiver is steady and durable, and it has a vivid bright gold-plated plug. It is scratch-resistant, and brings splendid tactile sensation. The receiver has high absorption rate with heat resistance. The receiver is available for $49 on online stores, and it has a slim design.


Reviews about Nillkin Magi Tag Qi Wireless Charger Receiver

Customer reviews about the wireless charging receiver for iPhone are very positive. Here are customer comments about the product:


Comment #1: The receiver has worked well for several weeks.

Comment #2: The product works, but a few things save it from attaining 5 star remarks.

Comment #3: The product successfully deliver its promise.

Comment #4: The receiver is the best option to wirelessly charge older versions of iPhones with a lightning port.

Comment #5: The receiver really charges my iPhone well.

Comment #6: The product is absolutely amazing, and do its job well.

Comment #7: I have tested the product, and I shall give it 3 stars out of 5.

Comment #8: The receiver is satisfactory; therefore, you should go for it.


How to Get Wireless Charging on Older iPhones

Do you know: Wireless charging can be augmented to Apple’s previous iPhones that do not have this feature as a standard by supplementing a case or other device that incorporates an inductive coil and can be inserted into the lightning port of iPhone?


You will also need to buy a Qi charging pad or mat to wirelessly charge your phone of the older version than iPhone 8 with a lightning port.


Frankly speaking, wireless charging is a slower process as compared to wired charging. However, fast wireless chargers can double the output of wireless charging, and they are available for iPhones supporting the higher speed.


You should keep that in mind if you are wirelessly charging your iPhone using a case, then you will likely need to take away that case before you can charge it ordinarily, link to a computer over lightning or connect some lightning headphones.


Wireless charging may make it harder for you to deploy your phone when it charges, though you can evade this by choosing a charging pad that also operates as a stand.


What are you waiting for now? Go to an ecommerce store, buy a wireless charger receiver, and charge your iPhone that comes with a lightning port.





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