Will iphone X have battery case?

After releasing iPhone 8 in September 2017, Apple directly released iPhone X in November 2017, skipping the iPhone 9. There are several reasons why Apple did this including the one that it was Apple’s 10th year of iPhones, so they wanted to launch iPhone 10. However, iPhone 9 is not the only thing that Apple missed out; Apple also did not launch a battery case for iPhone X, and neither did any other major manufacturers. What could have been the reason for not having a battery case for iPhone X when a very famous manufacturer released a battery case for Samsung Galaxy S9 just a day after its release? Many people are still wondering will there be a battery case for iPhone x or not.

The dilemma of the battery case!

All the major manufacturers denied the allegation on Apple of telling them to not make battery cases for iPhone X. Adding to this, most of these manufacturers claimed that they were focusing on other charging accessories for iPhone X like the wireless charging pad instead of battery cases. Apple too was working on its wireless charging pad at the time of releasing iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

So, Apple might not want to start a cannibalism war amongst its products so that it might be backing from the battery case and going towards the wireless charging pad. Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X are the first iPhones to support wireless charging, so Apple wants its customers to use the wireless charging feature instead of a battery case. It this is the case, which majority of the people think it is, we can not expect a battery case for iPhone X coming anytime soon, especially not by Apple itself. Apple wants to increase its revenues too, so when it releases the charging pad, it wants every iPhone user to buy one, and it would not be possible if people purchase battery cases right now.

Another reason is that a battery case if made, would not be compatible with wireless charging. Apple does not want this. Apple believes in innovation, advancement in technology and inventing a new thing every day, and it wants Qi charging (wireless charging) to be the future of charging. Adding to this, making a battery case with wireless charging compatibility (as many people would want it) will not only be useless but also wastage of money, and it would also be too expensive to be bought by every iPhone user who wants a battery case. So the third party manufacturers are here for your rescue!


Apple and the battery case!

Apple launched iPhone X with a 2716 mAh battery which makes it a plus iPhone but in a size of a normal one. This is what sets iPhone X apart; its battery is much bigger and better than the other non-plus iPhones. This might potentially be the reason why Apple does not want to release a battery case for iPhone X.

A battery case which is heavy would make iPhone X more cumbersome, and a battery hump at the back of the case would make the iPhone look ugly; both of these things steal what is distinctive from the iPhone X, its smart looks, and its lightweight. So, the answer to ‘will iPhone X have battery case?’ here is that even you will not like to have one and ruin the uniqueness of iPhone X.

Even though you can buy battery cases for iPhone X from third-party manufacturers, but they are not only dangerous for your iPhone but will also not give you that much features which the smart battery case by Apple gave. So, we do not see a battery case for iPhone X coming from Apple, but we also firmly believe that you can enjoy battery cases from third-party manufacturers and meanwhile enjoy the provided the efficient battery of iPhone X and its wireless charging feature.


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