Why Are Rolling Backpacks Deemed UNCOOL in School?

Why Are Rolling Backpacks Deemed UNCOOL in School?

As the students transgress from kindergarten to elementary to middle school, the amount of weight they carry on their shoulders increase simultaneously. With a heavy burden of textbooks, notebooks, pencil cases, folders, sheets and gym class accessories on the students’ shoulders, students increasingly begin to complain of shoulder and back pains. In order to deal with such issue, in the recent years backpack with wheels that can be pulled instead of being carried have become popular.

Fashion Statement Vs Comfort

So, with the advent of rolling backpacks it becomes clear that school bags are not always be a fashion statement. We also need to keep the element of practicality and ease in mind. It so happens that you choose the coolest backpack for your school that might help you in building an impression on first day but may not give you the desired comfort. Therefore rolling backpacks are essentially designed to carry heavy loads and give students utmost comfort, yet they are considered to be the last choice. Some schools have also banned them. So let us look at some reasons as to why rolling backpacks are deemed uncool in school?

Large and bulky

Rolling backpacks are heavy by design; the metal frame, handle and wheels add a significant amount of weight. So it is only suitable for rolling and not wearing it on the back. Although shoulder straps are provided, it is not advisable to wear it as the wheels would jam the neck and cause you more pain on shoulders.

Takes a lot of space

Due to their bulky outlook, these bags can jam the school corridor during rush hours. This would be very annoying for the students as they are in the hurry to reach their classes on time. Students also tend to trip over it or kick your rolling backpack in their haste. This will not cause trouble for you only but also for others as they might get injured.

Moreover, the wheels of the rolling backpack may hurt or crush a student foot causing them discomfort leading to bad tempers in the hallway.

An object of ridicule

Student’s backpack always reflects their unique tastes and interest. In this way, backpacks have now become more than an accessory. Rolling backpacks are deemed uncool in schools especially in middle and high year as they are considered to be more fun for young children then for grownups.  Therefore carrying a rolling backpack in high school is the last thing that you should ever do.

Cannot stuff it in locker

Students generally prefer to carry such compact backpacks that can be easily placed in their lockers. In this way they can only carry the required study essentials in their arms to their classes. But this is not possible with a rolling bag as it cannot be stuffed in the locker. The heavy metal frame and wheels makes it impossible to fit in a small school locker thus forcing you to carry it everywhere.

Safety issues

Schools generally have stairs. Now carrying a loaded rolling backpack up and down the stairs become a hassle for the carrier and a danger to other students. Of course, you cannot wheel the backpack on stairs as you can on a flat ground; you need to carry it on the stairs. And if you cannot carry such a load; by wheeling it down the stairs will cause more trouble. Someone is bound to get hurt if the rolling backpack falls from your hand down the crowded steps.

So, rolling backpacks are not pretty or individualistic as normal backpacks. If you find it difficult to carry heavy school bags, then reduce the load by organizing stuff and do exercises that strengthen your shoulders and back.

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