Which is the best fabric for school bags?

The right kind of fabric or material is one of the most important prerequisites while choosing a suitable school bag. Compromising on the most durable and lightweight material at the expense of stylish look of a school bag may not be a wise decision. Not only it will lend you more trouble in carrying it on your shoulders but its lack of durability in accommodating heavy gears will lead you changing your school bag quite often. That’s why; you obviously need a school bag that is sturdy enough to last for years.

A quick skim to the options:

A durable school bag is indicated by the measure of the density of fibers in the fabric. So the larger the number, the more hard-wearing and robust it will be. In order to decide which fabric is best for school bags go for the most durable one.

  • Light weight and low cost: Cotton falls well in this category but it is not water or moisture resistance nor anti-slash which makes it the least preferred choice.
  • Expensive and stylish: obviously leather; however by being a heavy material itself it accounts to the weight of your bag. Moreover, leather bags are not advisable for a rough use especially as a school bag due to changing weather condition.
  • Light weight and sturdy: Cordura and ballistic nylon; they are water, dust moisture and slash resistant as well.
  • Resilient and high-priced: Dyneema fabric for expensive backs and is highly durable
  • Fabric that comes in budget and is durable: polyester.

Selecting a skin friendly fabric:

It is obvious that the kids spend most of their school time in the sunlight. So it is highly preferable among students to use bags that do not cause rash or itchiness due to heat and material of the bag. Denim is by far; the most viable choice because it is made from:

  • Cotton: that is skin friendly and light weight and lends comfort
  • Polyester: that adds to the bag’s durability.

Denim material in bags not only protect a child’s skin from rashes and infections but also give it a neat and smart look.

Polyester is the best fabric for any bag:

The best material that gives a school bag durability, strength and inner protection to the bag’s content from water or dust is polyester. It is wrinkle free and shrink resistant so if you want to wash your kid’s school bag at home that get dirty with rough use, then polyester material backpack is an appropriate option.

Why Nylon is not a best fabric for school bags?

Despite the fact that Nylon shares almost all of the aspects of durability but still is not considered a suitable fabric for school due to its ability of fading in the sunlight. It is also not environmental and skin friendly as it can cause skin rashes during humid weather.

The reason, nylon made school bags fade in sunlight is that they, unlike polyester are not water resistant and that’s why cannot bond with the dye well. So once exposed to the sun, the dye fades by getting affected by ultra violet radiation. Furthermore, it takes a longer time for nylon made school bags to dry and is not suitable for the weather changes.

Eco- friendly fabric for school bags

  • Banana fiber that can be extracted from banana tree stem can be easily molded into eco- friendly fabric for school bags. But they can be highly uncompromising on school kid’s unique look and style
  • Jute bags are good for carrying materials on daily basis but an absolute no for school bags because they are extremely skin unfriendly and can cause rashes and fungus infections to sensitive skins of school kids.

All in one

A waxed canvas material can be considered a good fabric for school bag because:

  • It is sturdy and durable
  • Resistant to any wear and tear
  • The waxed layer provides the bag water resistance
  • Long lasting
  • Non toxic
  • Little maintenance is required
  • As it is a natural resource, it is sustainable and environmental friendly material
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