What is a good USB car charger that can work with Android and iPhones/iPads?

The market is flooded with myriads of car chargers of all kinds: good quality-reasonable prices, good quality high-price and poor or low quality-low price. You need to carefully consider various factors when choosing the best car charger for your mobile that you can safely use on the go. You may want a car charger that has more than one USB port and has a light weight design or ones that are compact and save space.

Usually good quality car chargers work efficiently when plugged-in to cigarette lighter hole that provide 12 V charge. These car chargers have an in-built safety mechanism that regulates voltage fluctuation and sudden spike in current that may occur when turning off the car or any of its accessories such as radio or ac.  

Let us thoroughly consider few factors that may play a major role in choosing the most suitable car charger for your phone.  

Choose the USB car charger that promotes fast charging:

Many of the Android devices such as Samsung has introduced fast charging features in their smartphones before Apple did. So fast charging is not a new concept for IPhone 8, 8 plus and IPhone X and that’s why many car chargers have already been there in market that facilitates fast charging. That is why; a universal dual USB car charger may not require USB-C port to rapidly charge your phone. The in-built smart chip detects your device and gives them optimum charge at maximum speed.

Therefore, if you are looking for an ultra-quick charger, check out Gizmoist where you can find reliable car chargers such Quick Charge 3.0. It is a good USB car charger that can work with android and iPhone/iPad. This charger can charge you iOS device to 80% in just half an hour which is way quicker than USB-C port that charges half the amount in 30 minutes.

Dual USB car chargers:

You can also purchase a smart dual port travel from Gizmoist that has a universal compatibility with iPhones, Samsung and HTC Nexus with a free charging cable. Or you can purchase a dual USB charger that have 2.4A rating in each port like the Anker Dual power drive which can nearly as fast charge your iPhone when it is plugged in the wall. The design is small, lightweight and reasonable in price.

Multiple port USB car chargers:

If you are on a road trip with family and kids on the backseat, then a car charger that has more than two USB port is needed. With multiple devices such as IPhones, or other android mobile devices being charged at the same time, the USB car charger will be the most suitable choice. They include an over charging, overheating, short circuit or voltage fluctuation protection as well.

Furthermore, choosing an Apple approved car charger is best for charging your iOS device. Belkin car charger that has one USB-C port promotes fast charging facility of iPhone 8, 8 plus and IPhone X. So, if you are charging your phone on the go while on a short distance then this is the best choice for you.

You can even pick an MFI certified lightning cable and USB port that is specifically designed to charge iOS devices. These high quality chargers also protect your phone from overheating and over charging. They shield phones against voltage fluctuation and current spikes as well.


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