Which iPhones can Charge Wirelessly?

iphones wireless charging

Can iPhones charge wirelessly? If they can, which of the iPhone devices can charge wirelessly? These are few of the myriads of questions that pop into the head of most people who want to try iPhone devices out these days.

If you also have these questions roaming your mind freely, you are completely normal – who wouldn’t want to try out the whole new level of awesomeness wireless charging brings to the table? Since technology gets better every day, people often want to stay synced with the latest tech trends. In this era, wireless charging has come to stay.

Since its release, wireless charging has been adopted by most mobile phone manufacturing giants, and its implementation in several mobile devices has not been a bad idea so far; many mobile users are now opting in for devices that are wireless charging enabled.

Without keeping you waiting, the two of the most frequently asked questions mentioned in the first paragraph of this article will be answered.

  1. Can iPhones be charged wirelessly?
  2. Which iPhones can charge wirelessly?

Can iPhones Be Charged Wirelessly?

Absolutely! Although Apple joined the wireless charging implementation game a little late, they have been able to produce awesome smartphones that support wireless charging, efficiently.

So far, many users have upgraded from their old iPhones to newer models that support wireless charging and most (if not all) of them seem to enjoy the new battery-juice-replenishing feature.

Which iPhones can Charge Wirelessly?

Three different iPhone models currently support wireless charging; this is as a result of Apple’s delayed wireless charging implementation in their devices. However, that is now a thing of the past. Here is a list of iPhones that can charge wirelessly:

iPhone X: This is the latest Apple device; it is also the flagship device. If you have been following the Apple brand, then you need not be told that device is way more unique than other models Apple has on the market. The iPhone X comes with a sleek, classy design; a notch, super AMOLED screen, dual camera that support portrait mode and most importantly, it charges wirelessly.

The iPhone X doesn’t come with a wireless charger out-of-the-box, but that isn’t a problem – you can simply order one on the internet and have it shipped down to you. 

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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: The iPhone 8 and 8 plus also charge wirelessly. If you are a lover of a smaller screen or wireless charging-enabled phones that you can easily wrap your fingers around, the iPhone 8 is the right choice to make.iPhone 8 comes with a glassy back that is Qi-charging (wireless charging) enabled. 

Just like the iPhone X, iPhone 8 devices don’t come with wireless chargers out-of-the-box. iPhone 8 Plus, just like every other plus version of iPhones, comes with a bigger screen and a bigger battery; it has dual cameras just like the iPhone X and iPhone 7 plus and it supports wireless charging.

iPhone 8 plus can be easily mistaken for the iPhone 7 plus because they look alike.However, iPhone 8 comes with a better processor, camera and it is wireless charging enabled. If you prefer a bigger screen and you can’t keep your fingers off your phone, iPhone 8 plus is the right choice to make.

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These are basically the iPhones than can charge wirelessly. The next time anyone asks the “which iPhones can charge wirelessly” question, I believe you know the right answers to give.

Does This Mean I Can’t Wirelessly Charge Older iPhone Models?

Image result for iphone 5 to iphone 7

Yes, you totally can! Basically, older iPhones do not come with Qi-charging (wireless charging) feature, but technology, our very good friend that won’t stop advancing, has made it possible for older iPhone devices like iPhone 7/7+, iPhone 6/6+/6S/6S+ and IPhone 5 to charge wirelessly.

You don’t need a rocket engine operation manual to convert an older iPhone device to enable it wireless charge –  buy a wireless charging receiver online and you’ll be just fine. You don’t need to mess up with your savings to get a wireless charging-enabled iPhone; a wireless charging receiver is all you need.

If this article has directed your decision making compass towards the direction of the wireless charging enabled iPhone to buy, you can also pick a pocket-friendly and highly efficient wireless charger at Gizmoist.com

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