What USB car charger can charge an iPhone fastest?

There is variety of car chargers in the market; from high-quality Apple approved or MFI certified ones to third party good quality reasonable ones. On the whole, the best charger is the one which charges efficiently with rapid speed. It also has a stylish look, reasonable price and reliable functionality. Some USB car chargers have sufficient power to charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time while other USB chargers stand out from others in terms of their innovative covering with streamlined design and built in cables. Their internal circuit design gives them fast and safe charging capability. So, keeping in mind the appearance, design and functionality of USB chargers, let us explore what USB car charger can charge IPhone fastest:

A USB car charger which high amperage:

IPhone 5 and its predecessors can sufficiently charge with the USB car charger that is rated to provide 1 amperage and 5 wattage of power supply. However, iPhone 5 successors such as IPhone 6 and 6s and their successors have huge battery capacity and will therefore, slow charge with a USB car charger that provide 1A. These high-end iPhone models need an adequate current supply of 2.1 to 2.4 A from the USB car charger to charge rapidly and efficiently. Fast chargers that provide 24W/4.8A give latest models of iPhones such as iPhone 8, 8 plus and iPhone X full battery within short span of time.

A dual USB car charger:

Dual USB car chargers have universal compatibility to charge Samsung and iPhones with the rated amperage of 2.4A in each port. These USB car chargers provide a reliable and efficient charging t iPhone in nearly the same way as it is plugged to the regular wall adapter.

USB car chargers with a protective outward casing:

USB car chargers that have a protective framing which is of a polycarbonate inner layer along with flexible external molding of TPU provides the charger an enhanced grip. This framing resists that impact of the drop and falls of the car charger. Moreover, if the car chargers are made of high quality fire proof material, they are more secure and durable in nature. Recent car chargers are made of military grade quality; they meet the US military MIL STD-8104 high temperature standard. They have titanium coating and German Bayer outwards protective covering that prevents the charger from overheating and exploding. These protective framing makes them the top choice chargers as not only their exterior is protected but also the internal circuit is protected from any kind of harm.

USB car chargers that have a smart circuit:

USB car chargers that can charge IPhone fastest are also the ones that have a Smart Power circuit with an auto detect technology. This technology detects your IOS device automatically and delivers fast charging.

Reversible USB ports:  

With reversible ports, you no longer need to struggle to plug in your charger. Any side can be plugged in and that’s why plugging in dark on your commute is not a hassle with these reversible port facility in car chargers. They too give your iPhone car charger a fast charge.

Closely related to this point, the USB type C ports in the USB car chargers like the Apple approved Belkin car charger can charge IPhone 8, 8 plus and IPhone X with a fast speed; IPhone 8 can charge in 30 minutes from 0 to 50%. Therefore, Apple approved Belkin new 36W USB-C car charger is the USB car charger that can charge IPhone fastest.

Q.C 3.0 inductive car chargers:

USB car chargers that have quick charge 3.0 make use of power IQ and voltage boost technologies in car. The power your IOS device receives is with a lighting fast speed.

In the nutshell, USB car chargers that can charge IPhone fastest are the ones who fulfill all the requirements listed above. Keep in mind that your IPhone is your precious purchase and on the top of that the battery of your IPhone should be treated with utmost care. Therefore, if you use third party local car chargers, your IPhone battery and its internal logic board is under high risk of damaging as they do not conform to the regulated standards of western markets.


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