What is the benefit of type C port in your car charger?

Our devices have travelled a long way from type A and B ports to type C. So the USB type C port is not an alternative to the older cables and connectors rather it is the product of rapid innovation of your technical sphere.

Therefore, the new and recent smartphones and tablets have adopted the Type C port and cables that come along with compatible chargers. But if you are looking for chargers then find one that supports Type C ports without the use of converter. A USB type C port not only allows rapid charging of high powered devices but also provide high speed data transfer which definitely saves you time. So, along with these two basic benefits let us explore few more advantages of type C port car chargers.

  • USB type c port has the extended charging and power delivery capability. So with PD it can extend support up to 100W and without PD can support up to 5v and 3A that is equal to 15 wattage of power supply. With either of the USB specification, it can detect your plugged in device easily and deliver the fastest possible charging speed according to their requirement. Therefore, with such a high power support it can easily charge high end smart phones such as iPhone 8 & 8 plus that support fast charging, with maximum speed.
  • USB type C port offer convenience and are user friendly because they allow the USB-C cables to be inserted in the ports either way. They support the reversible symmetrical connectivity with 24 pins so that there is no fumbling around while inserting the USB type C cable in the port. So the USB type C port will never make the car driver insert the USB-C cable point the wrong way which is more convenient than the other ports.
  • USB type C port uses reversible connector benefit to support a very flexible system of alternate mode signaling. Thus, the type C port is capable of carrying third party signals such as HDMI, or display port other than USB data transfer and power. So, the USB type C port allow the connector to support video and there are alternate mode for HDMI, MHL, Display port and Thunderbolt.  The thunderbolt 3.0 specification calls for USB-type c port in car chargers.
  • Latest type C port in the car chargers can allow professional or business men to access, load, view and share content efficiently and quickly on their daily commute. It has compatibility with personal laptops tablets and other mobile devices such as Nokia N1, Lenovo ZUK Z1, Nexus 5X/6P, Google pixel and many more to allow port driven content transfer.
  • USB type C port negotiates host and target mode. If we look at the older system, the USB host that is your PC or power dongle was always the power source and the USB target was always the power sink. In other words each of the USB cable had a distinctive function; one connector being the power host and the power sink. So the type A connector was designed for host side and Type B was designed for the devices. But once the USB type C is included in car chargers the benefit is gets that the port offers no such distinction. In turn, it allows the similar type of connector for both host and peripheral side.  
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