What is a cool\practical backpack for high school?

A high school backpack should include all the elements such as style, trend, and functionality along with comfort. School backpacks; nowadays, have shifted from an item that carries books to an accessory that depicts individual’s interests and personality. So, whether the students are athletic, fashionable or intellectual, there is a bag that matches their targeted needs and interest. In this way, they can decide a cool\practical backpack for high school.

Printed and personalized backpacks:

With a customized picture and personal reflective thoughts embossed on the front flap of a high school backpack will definitely grab your attention. In addition, all over trendy prints on the backpacks will not only reflect your fashion sense but will also make it visible in the dark as the prints tend to glow.

However, high school students also prefer for solid single color backpacks as they complement their dresses and accessories on all occasions.

Backpack that has a premium organizer feature:

A backpack that has multi compartments to accommodate your high school stuff is considered a cool\practical backpack for high school. It is because:

  • Large storage capacity means huge internal space
  • Can carry a lot of content effectively.
  • Along with large padded compartment that is dedicated for laptop; a tech spot sleeve is also included inside the backpack for safely keeping the tablets and phones.
  • Small and compact sleeves are also present inside to carry gadgets and its related accessories such as headphones, USB ports and chargers.
  • Front zipper pocket that is specifically designed to keep high school ID cards, locker and car keys, stationeries, etc.

For Fashionistas:

The fabric of a backpack that has smart look of denim with leather accents gives you a chic look. This can be a cool\practical backpack for high school if it combines style with functionality. It has all the practical features such as roomy interior pockets, dedicated laptop pouch and exterior slots.

Say no to rolling backpacks:

If you don’t want to be ridiculed or be a laughing stock in your school; don’t even think about buying a rolling backpack for yourself just to give ease to your shoulders. Rolling backpacks are really a menace in crowded corridors by halting the traffic. The wheels may cause discomfort to others as it can hit someone or crush their feet underneath the wheels. Similarly, they are a hassle both in stuffing them in lockers and carrying them down the school steps.

Messenger style backpack:

Messenger bags are an absolute nod to high school students who are seriously concerned about building an impression on the first day. Although, these bags are highly functional as they provide you with enough compartments and pockets to properly organize your thing. You don’t require rummaging through your bag to find your book or stationery but because of its not-so-cool look, messenger bags are highly avoided.

The other downside of these bags is that they have a single shoulder strap which may not evenly distribute the weight causing pain in shoulders and muscles around the back.

Leather backpack:

The leather backpacks are graceful accessory as their sleek and timeless look take them to next level. They require a lot of maintenance from your side to keep it in shape. So if you are likely to have a rough use in high school, it is cool choice but not a practical one.

Thus, a cool\practical backpack provides you with a chic look to accentuate your appearance meanwhile offering enough space to organize your essentials well without causing you or other people any discomfort when carried around.


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