What is a battery case and how does it work?

Mobile battery cases, a new trend is not very original. Mophie, the company which first started manufacturing these battery cases, dates back to 2005. The company introduced its first battery pack in 2007; these battery packs were not much successful. Mophie is currently one of the biggest manufacturers of battery cases for smartphones and other mobile phones. Other famous manufacturers of battery cases are Apple, Anker, and Lux mobile.

What is a battery case?

Battery case, also known as external battery, back power, and a second battery, is a multifunctional tool that protects your cell phone and provides it with extra battery life when your primary battery runs out of power. These battery cases are a far better option than power banks as the latter involves carrying bulky devices along with wires.

Battery cases are wireless devices, quite easy to take and use, and they also protect your cell phone at the same time. The battery case is attached to your cellphone’s back with its pin connecting to the cellphone’s port. The battery cases were primarily just available for iPhones, but now they are available for majority high-end Samsung’and other brands’ devices too.

How do battery phone cases work?

Battery cases are straightforward to use and are self-explanatory. However, here is a short instruction manual on how does battery casework.

  1. First of all, you need to slide your phone into the battery case in such a way that the pin at the bottom of the battery case goes in the mobile phone’s charging port.
  2. You can either leave the battery case on the entire time or turn it on just when your mobile phone is low on power.
  3. If you leave it on the whole time, your phone will remain at 100%, because as you are using your mobile phone, it is also being charged simultaneously, and the battery case won’t let its charge fall.

On the other hand, if you turn the battery case on just when your phone is at low charge, it will be off the entire time. Turning your battery case on only when you need it is highly recommended, and you can get the most out of your battery case this way.

It is also recommended to remove your battery case once it has lost its charge so that you can charge your battery case for later use.

Disassemble and Charge

To charge the battery case, you can either let it remain intact with your phone and charge the phone and the case at the same time or remove the case and charge it separately. Charging your mobile phone and your battery case independently is better as it would take much less time, especially if you have two chargers to charge both separately, and charging would also be extremely efficient.

The reason is that when you charge your battery case with your phone in it, the charger will charge your battery case which will then charge the mobile phone leading to wastage of time and power in between.

Some of the best battery cases available currently in the market are:

Portable Battery Charging Case for iPhone 5/5s/5c/SE | Up to 100 hrs of Backup, Protective Case & Built-in Kickstand

It is a 4200 mAh battery pack and the mobile protective case at the same time. Available in a variety of colors, it is also able to charge quickly.

JoyRoom iPhone 7 Plus Ultra Slim Battery Charging Case of 3000mAh 

Made especially for the iPhone 7, the exceptional battery case is capable of providing an additional 26 hours talk time, 24 hours video playback, or 22 hours LTE internet. It is also amongst the safest option because of the high quality!

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