What car chargers should I use for IPhone?

Mobile phone users do need a safe and reliable car charger that they can use while traveling long distance. In order to decide which car charger to buy that you can use on daily basis as well, you first need to look the number of option available in the market.

Will a wireless charger suits you or the USB car charger that is plugged in the cigarette lighter hole? It depends on the fact that if you are travelling alone a wireless car charger or a Belkin’s single USB port will be a viable option but if you are travelling with quite a few people in car, a USB car charger with two or four ports is best suitable as it will allow you to charging multiple phones at the same time.

So first of all we need to explore certain factors that can help decide what car chargers for IPhones are best for usage:

1.Choose Apple approved car chargers:

When you buy an expensive such as iPhone, you need to be extra careful with its battery so that it doesn’t require a quick replacement. Car chargers are not as safe as wall-socket chargers but there are good quality car chargers available in the market.

An Apple approved or MFI certified car chargers are a safer investment as they are specifically designed to charge iOS devices on the go. Belkin car chargers are slightly overpriced as compared to other car chargers but they are unswerving and long-lasting. So, one should not compromise on the quality jut to save bucks by purchasing third-party car chargers

2.Using low amperage car chargers:


IPhone 5s and its predecessors need 5V/1 amp of power to charge at a regular speed whereas the successors of IPhone 5 need double the current and power to charge. So, if you are using a USB car charger that supplies 1 A current than latest phones would charge dead slow or barely charge at all. So, a USB car charger that outputs 2.1 A is necessary to charge IPhone 5 successors.

In addition, there is also a built in system in iPhones which draws a specific amount of current that is required for its charging. So, if the IPhone 6 and later models need a 2A current and your car chargers outputs 3 amperage, this won’t make any difference in charging speed because the built in system will draw only the required current.

So, if you use a universal dual USB charger that outputs combined 2.1A IPhone 5 and its predecessors would charge efficiently but if you have iPhone 6 and onwards, a Dual USB charger with combined 4A output is necessary.

3.Car chargers that come with an in-built smart chip:

Many vehicles nowadays come with an installed 12V auxiliary power outlet or the cigarette lighter hole which is capable of giving your IPhones a quick charge by providing a 10 A current. This may lead to overheating of your IPhones because they normally charge with a current supply ranging between 1 to 3 A. That’s why you should choose a car charger that has an in build ZUS safeguarding mechanism that prevents your IPhones to fry up or burn with overheating caused by sudden spikes in current supply or voltage fluctuations from the car battery.


4.Fast wireless and USB car charging for IPhone 8 onwards:

IPhone 8, 8 plus and IPhone X supports fast charging so you need a car charger that has built-in USB-C port with which you can connect the lightning cable.  Furthermore, wireless charging mats that are compatible with Samsung G8 models is a good alternative for iOS phones as well.


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