Best car chargers for IPhone 7

When the IPhone 7 entered the market, people had all sorts of reaction with regard to its design, performance and hardware. Some were skeptical about the removal of 3.5mm headphone jack whereas some saw it as an opportunity to equip their accessory stores with connectors from third party or Apple products in order to listen to music and charge the phone simultaneously.

The single port for both the charger and headphone also allows the user to connect their car chargers to charge the phone while on the go. But since the phone has USB-C type port, it is not compatible with all the car chargers available at your nearest stores. Let us explore what car charger for iPhone 7 is best suitable for use.

Charging IPhone 7 and listening to music in car:

  • Bluetooth car adapter for IPhone 7: This product from Belkin is the most suitable one in the market; buying yourself a Belkin Bluetooth car adapter will give you an advantage to listening to music through the small portable adapter that can be magnetically attached to the car dashboard once you connect your iPhone 7 with it via Bluetooth .While the phone can be charged through the lighting port with the cigarette lighter hole you can listen to audio or receive calls via adapter.


  • Use a car convertor kit device: the car convertor kit includes an Aux cord and a USB port, thus allowing you to plug in your car 12V auxiliary power outlet and then plug in the lighting cable that came with the iPhone 7 to charge the phone. Then you can use your Aux cord to connect to your car stereo system which allows you to play music as well as charge the phone at the same time.


  • Wireless charging IPhone 7: With the advent of iPhone 7 in the market, Apple has adapted to latest technologies and innovations that its competitors have introduced earlier. The technology giant has rather improvised and made it easier for users to adapt to new innovations. It is this phone that introduced the legacy of wireless charging in iOS devices with a high performance wireless charging mat. The device not only provide the luxury to charge the phone anywhere and everywhere but also features rapid charging thus saving time and energy.



For wireless charging your IPhone 7 in car you need to equip yourself with certain accessories along with the Qi compatible wireless charging pad or mat. You can either add a wireless charging case or a wireless charging receiver at the back of the IPhone 7 outer case where the battery is positioned. They are very handy and compact that can easily connect to the lighting port to provide seamless charging. You can then place the Iphone 7 on the wireless charging pad that can be plugged in to the cigarette lighter hole of your car via USB cable. Thus the receiver creates an electromagnetic field by transmitting the wireless signals from the charging pad to phone when placed in direct contact. You can purchase a magnetic car wireless charging device that supports Qi compatibility from Gizmoist as well.

However, charging iPhone wirelessly has its own side effects but these few drawbacks are of major concern.

  • You will not be able to use your headphones while charging wirelessly in car because the wireless charging receiver or case is plugged in the lighting port.
  • Magnetically attached charging pads that function as a stand will work best for using IPhone7 and charging at the same time. Other charging mat will not provide such feasibility because of the receivers used to further wireless charging.
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