List of best car chargers for IPhone 6

Charging IPhone 6 on your daily commute requires a car charger that have an amperage rating of at least 2A because IPhone 6 and 6 plus have a much higher battery than its predecessors. Therefore, using a USB car charger with the regular output of 1A would really slow charge the phone and your phone will not be sufficiently charged. If you need to find what car charger for IPhone 6 is suitable to give it an efficient charge while sustaining its battery, here are few options for you:

Apple approved or MFi certified car chargers:

  • Apple approved or third party car chargers that have an in-built lighting connector are best for charging IPhone 6. The lighting connector should be rated to give an amperage rating of 2.1 so that IPhone 6 can get a good charge on the go. The Gembonic dual car charger fulfill this requirement.
  • Using a car charger that has an authentication chip that allows IPhone full compatibility to charge and sync. The CZZNN is a perfect example of the Apple approved car charger that provides a combine 4.8A output in both of its USB ports to give IPhone a good charge.
  • The Belkin car chargers need no introduction as they are portable and reliable to charge phone on the go. They are highly recommended as they are specifically designed to charge iPhones.

Car chargers that have Q.C 3.0:

Car chargers that have specification of having quick charge (QC 3.0) means that they have built in Power IQ and voltage boost technology in them. This give them the ability to charge IPhone 6 with a great speed because it is really a buzzkill to wait for 3 hours to fully charge your iPhone 6 to charge. If this is the speed to charge than there is no point in carrying a car charger around on your go given the fact that the phone won’t sufficiently charge in a short time. You can purchase the Q.C 3.0 charging cord from Gizmoist as well.

Use car chargers that have protection:

  • Protection against overcharging: most of the time we have our phones plugged in the car USB charger connected to cigarette lighter hole. Just like the lithium ions of IPhone battery are designed with an in-built feature to halt the charging process once the battery is fully charged; so to be on the safe side, get a charger that prevents the device from over charging.


  • Protection against overheating


  • Protection against high/low voltage:  car chargers that have a compatible or superior circuit design that protects them from any sort of voltage fluctuation because when the ignition is on a great amount of power is transmitted to the cigarette lighter hole which may either burn the charger or damage the internal fuse of it.



Use nylon braided cable:

Apple cables are very delicate; the plastic coating can easily break or wear off over time; so it is highly advisable to use a soft nylon braided cable with a reverse USB plug which give you two advantages:

  • The reverse USB plug will allow you to insert the cable in the lightning port without any fidgeting.
  • The braided covering make the car chargers extremely durable.

So deciding which car charger for iPhone is best to use you need to look at the fact that what these chargers have in store for you. If they promise to charge your Iphone 6 with a high speed and have in built protective mechanism against heat, overcharging or voltage fluctuations then they are worth investing quite a few bucks.

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