What backpack should I get for College?

Choices for college backpacks are highly subjective; they depend on individual’s need and budget. College students need to carry a lot of stuff in their backpacks. They include books, folders, binders, laptops, pencil cases, smart gadgets with their accessories, wallets, and lunchboxes.

This is why; college students often wonder what backpack should I get for college that can accommodate all of my essentials in a proper way? Well, in this case the backpack should be heavy duty and comfortable enough to be carried on both shoulders of the students.

College students should also opt for light weight backpacks because if they are made of bulky materials then they would be heavy before packing. So in order to be light and durable, they need to be made from synthetic fabric material. Moreover, with comfortable shoulder straps and additional straps for chests and hips the weight can be easily distributed on the back which makes it easier for college going students to carry backpacks for longer duration.

Some college students do not want to compromise style as backpack is an essential element in making fashion statement. Today, manufacturers design backpacks in such a manner that they inculcate style as well as functionality, durability in its product.

Backpacks with a laptop sleeve:

Most college students use laptops or tablets for the purpose of studying. Therefore, they should opt for a backpack which has a compartment dedicated for laptops. This is necessary because stuffing the laptop along with other study related essentials may cause scratches on laptop’s exterior.

Backpacks with multi-compartment design:

  • The multi-compartments in the main pocket of backpack make it easier for you to keep your things in an organized manner.
  • The large storage capacity gives the backpack a good internal space which make content carrying easy and effective.
  • Along with the large compartment dedicated for laptop, a tech spot sleeve inside the backpack carries your gadgets without any damage.
  • The front zipper helps you carry your college ID cards, money, keys, stationery and phones in a highly organized way.

Backpacks the promises the best comfort:

As a college student you cannot afford a permanent back pain or strained shoulders by choosing a back pack that gives you minimum comfort. That’s why, a single strap backpacks is a bad choice for college students. Therefore, a college backpack should have following things:

  • Two shoulder straps: as it helps to stabilize the weight on both shoulders for a long time without causing pain.
  • Air flow technology:  the back panel of the back pack should come with Air flow technology which helps to provide maximum comfort to users.
  • Comfortable add on: the honey comb cushions on straps gives a high level of comfort to your shoulders.
  • Smooth back: backpacks that have a smooth back are preferable over those that have mesh padding.

Backpacks with protective mechanisms:

  • Backpacks with separate protective covering can protect your backpack from snow, dust or rain. You simply need to cover the backpack when necessary.
  • Backpacks that are made of ballistic polyester fabric are durable and keep the contents inside safe from hazardous weather.
  • The tear and wear resistant exterior keep contents and gadgets scratch proof and safe.

Backpacks for the fashionista:

To make a style staple, go for a denim backpack with leather accents as it will leave many fashionista in envy. By combining all the practical elements such as roomy interior pockets, dedicated laptop sleeve, exterior slots and a USB charging port, such backpacks become a preferred choice among college students due to their durability, functionality and style.  


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