What are iphone battery cases and how to choose them?

Battery cases are one great invention of Apple. They were introduced to consumers with the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The battery cases aren’t merely covered for batteries, but they are smart battery cases that are specifically designed to give even longer battery life and protection. The soft microfiber lining found on the inside works to protect your iPhone and on the other hand the soft elastomer hinge design makes it easy to put the case on and while taking it off again.

While choosing covers for your iPhone, you think the further possible protection you may get through it while maintaining beautiful look of your iPhone. Similarly, you must look out for all trade-offs before selecting your battery cases. You must look for all the features you desire and all the features it offers before making a final decision. In the following article, we will look at these features to make this decision easier.

What are the iPhone battery cases?

iPhone smart battery cases allow you portable charging throughout a day so that no matter how long you want to talk, play graphics- intensive games for hours, watch seasons of your favorite show or keep surfing for hours, you can freely at any time of the day. Those who are not-so-obsessed with the thin iPhone look must quickly grab their battery case to enjoy the fantastic features of their battery case all day long, while on the other hand people who are obsessed with a thinner iPhone must rethink whether thinner iPhone is better or longer, healthy battery life.

If you make the right decision while choosing your battery case can help you extend your iPhone’s battery life approximately threefold. With a battery life that great, you’ll never need to make eye contact with any other person on daily commute ever again. However, not all iPhone battery cases can provide the same feature. Hence, you must look out at all the features before coming to the end decision.

What is a battery case for iPhone?    

Battery cases are smart covers to recharge your device without any hustle. If you possess an iPhone 6 or any other recent Apple releases you can enjoy this fantastic invention. With this smart device, you may use your phone non-stop all day as it helps in recharging the device portable. It helps in protecting and prolonging your iPhone however if this delicate invention is not appropriately handled can have a negative impact on your iPhone. Therefore, you choose the right battery case we will look at its some prominent features.

Which iPhone battery case?

Here are some of the prominent features which may assist help you while selecting battery case for your iPhone:

1.    Milliamps-how, much the battery pack, will extend between charges:

Milliamps (mAh), is a unit to measure your batteries capacity. For reference, the iPhone 6 has a battery capacity of 1810 mAh while iPhone 6s has a little-reduced battery capacity of 1715 mAh. Therefore, when shopping you must know these values to give you an approximate guideline of how much a battery pack will expand the life of your iPhone between charges.

2.    Higher capacity or lesser weight?

With the more battery capacity, the weight of the cover increases. Hence, if you want longer battery time, you must accept a more substantial cover. It is estimated that the cover would increase the size of your iPhone over 100%. This may look a lot but in reality, it isn’t that heavy, but in comparison, it is much more substantial.

3.    Data Syncing and Charging Methods:

Majority of the cases have a micro USB cable for charging, while most of the iPhone users have shifted to lightning cables. Therefore, this is a must feature to go through before choosing the one.

4.    Capacity Indicators updating the remaining charging in your case:

There are several capacity indicator styles. Apple’s official case indeed have the best way, and it puts the capacity of both the phone and case on your screen, inside iOS. While other cases, do not have this way of indication while show 1 or 3-4 LED lights on the bottom of the case.

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