What are some of the best waterproof laptop backpacks?

Have you ever stopped and thought about all the trivial things in your life? All the trivial things that make your life easy but you will never know unless you do not have them? Basically, what you can call the pinky fingers in your life. Why the pinky fingers? Well, try taping your pinky finger to your palm and then try functioning as efficiently as you did once. You will find out that no matter how insignificant you thought your pinky finger was, it is not. That is why the trivial things in your life can be called the pinky fingers of your life.

Pinky Finger = Backpack?

One such supposedly trivial piece of equipment is your backpack. Stop here and recall all the times that you had your backpack at your side (more specifically, at your back). How different would things have been if you did not have your backpack with you at that time? Very different, right?

So, now you realize how helpful your backpack has always been for you? You used your backpack when you started school to carry your tiny books, your lunch box and your precious pencil box. Then you grew up some and got a bigger backpack to carry your heavy books and your spare clothes and sports equipment. Then you grew up some more and your backpack grew somewhat sophisticated and you started carrying your laptops and tablets.

Tech and Backpack:

When you did start carrying a laptop in your backpack, you started to become paranoid.  You stopped running with your backpack on because there was an expensive piece of equipment inside; you no longer threw your backpack because your laptop might break. However, most of all, you began to dread the thing you once loved as a part of your life, rain.

You once prayed for rain and rejoiced once it started pouring; you would go out and dance in the rain for hours. You hated the hot summer sun and loved the cold water drops on your face. However, now that you carried a laptop everywhere, you could not just afford to be caught up in the rain on your way home because water and laptops do not mix. You cannot just lose an expensive piece of technology for your childhood fascination with rain.

Waterproof Backpacks to the Rescue:

An easy way to carry the laptop that you love so much without sacrificing your ever-lasting love for rainfall, is to buy waterproof backpacks. When you have a waterproof backpack, you can carry your laptop everywhere with you without living in the perpetual fear of weather. This not only gives you the liberty to take your laptop everywhere with you, but practically gives you enhanced access (when compared to your cell phone) to the virtual world.

Most people, however, do not trust that waterproof backpacks will be completely effective when it rains cats and dogs. These people are paranoid because of a conceptual error. The error being a confusion between water resistance and water proofing

Waterproof backpacks mean that they completely repel water; not one drop gets through. Water resistant backpacks do not repel water 100%. Instead, water resistance implies that the backpack will protect your laptop in case of a drizzle. When it comes to heavy rains or thunderstorms, however, a water proof backpack will fail you. You need a waterproof backpack to be protecting your laptop when such a situation arises.

The best waterproof backpack at gizmoist.com is their Laptop Backpack or if you are the person for designs, the Color Backpack. Both of these not only have great waterproofing but have dedicated pockets with great padding for your laptop computers and are very durable.

Waterproofing a backpack is a very complicated process and takes serious consideration on part of the manufacturer to make sure that there are no gaps or holes. The process is so complex that even the zippers have to be covered to make sure no water gets through. This requires complex procedures and drives up the costs of these backpacks.

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