What is a USB Car Charger and How Does it Work?

As the time is passing by, the technology is getting more and more modernized. Some mobile phones and computers can do everything literally. The internet gives us access to all the information from all around the world within seconds.

The charging techniques of people have also developed and transformed with time. If you ask an old man, who has not seen any new things in the world, about charging a mobile phone, all he would know about is the simple charger which does not have the USB cable and the power adaptor separate from each other. USB cable, lightning cable, power adapter, power banks, battery cases, wireless charging pads and USB car chargers will be an imaginative mystery to them just like flying cars are for us right now.

USB car chargers- an introduction

USB car chargers are the newest way of charging mobile phone devices and is one of the most efficient and time-saving ways for people on the go who barely have any time to sit around and wait for their mobile phones to charge.

Power bank solved this problem up to a certain extent, but its limitations were that it was too heavy to carry around, took too much space in the luggage and required the usage of wires making its use unpleasant. Then the position was taken over by battery cases.

However, those too came with quite a few strings attached. They were blamed for deteriorating the condition of the mobile phone’s primary battery, were too heavy, were not that slim and they hid the real beauty of the mobile phones.

What is USB car adaptor?

Now, it would not be appropriate here to say, ‘then came the USB car chargers,’ because USB car chargers are a part of the charging equipment family for a long, long time. They existed even before smartphones did. A USB car charger, simply put, is an electronic charging gadget which plugs into the car lighter port and provides power through its one or more outlets.

Previously, the car charger was not in the form of a USB, and they were just an adaptor connected directly to a wire that could charge your device. However now, the car adaptor and a USB cable are separate units. An adaptor can be connected to the lighter port of a car, and a USB cable or two can be connected to it to charge your devices.

How USB car charger works?

Understanding the working of a USB car charger is too basic. A USB car adaptor, when connected to the lighter port of the car, gains electricity from car’s battery just like the lighter, and outputs that electricity to the outlets it has in the form of USB ports. You can plug a USB cable to the outlets of the charging adaptor and connect it with the mobile phone to get it to start charging.


How to choose a USB car charger?

Choosing the most appropriate car charger for you involves several steps. First of all, you have to decide how many outlet sockets do you need. For most people, one is enough, while others want a multiple socket adaptor so that they can charge more than one devices at a single time.

Secondly, you have to see the power specifications of the charger. Some phones charge better on 2.1 amperes while others might charge well on 2.4-ampere chargers. The watts of the charger is also crucial in getting the appropriate quality of charge on your mobile phones.

Moreover, you can take the physical size of the charger into consideration; most people find small chargers better than the bigger ones because the former is not much visible. Adding to this, you also might want a light on your charger to see whether it’s working or not.

A very bright or sparky light here can distract you from driving, so red color is the best for this matter. Most people also not want chargers with integrated cables, because they have a risk of breaking cables, and if the cable breaks, the entire charger will be wasted.

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