Can You Leave USB Car Charger Plugged in a Car Overnight?


Have you ever seen a German Shepherd dog killed by a Singapura cat (world’s smallest cat breed)? Or a Honda Civic crushing a truck during an accident? Or the scissor winning over the paper in a rock paper scissors game? The answer to all the questions mentioned above is ‘NO’ under normal conditions.

So, how can a mobile phone, which is much smaller and much cheaper than a car, cause harm to it? No matter how hard it is to accept and digest,it is certainly true that charging a mobile phone through a USB car charger can inflict harm on a car’s battery.

How does a USB car charger charge?

For those of you who do not know, a USB car charger is a gadget that connects to the lighter port of a car and gains electricity from there to supply it to its USB power outlets to charge the mobile phones. It is mostly used by those people who do not have much time to wait for their mobile phones to charge, so they prefer to charge them on the go and USB car charger is the best answer for them. Now, as much as car chargers help people to save time and perform multitasking, it can potentially risk your car’s battery too along with the mobile’s battery itself and the charger.

Car’s battery killed by phone’s battery?

The depletion of the car’s battery is a subject to think upon because a car’s battery is not so cheap that you can replace it easily without facing any problems. A car’s battery can be harmed if it can not bear the load of charging a mobile phone through it. This is mostly the case in older model cars. A car’s battery is most vulnerable to harm when you are charging a mobile through it while the vehicle is on, but the engine is not running (accessibility mode). Even when the car’s engine is running, the battery can be damaged if the car is too old and the battery is not capable of charging a mobile phone.

Moreover, if you are using a low-quality or a mutilated charger, the charger might not be able to sustain the power fluctuations, and a short circuit might occur, causing the car’s battery to damage, explode or catch fire. This can also happen if the charger is made up of a low-quality plastic, and if the plastic melts, the charger can catch fire and battery can be damaged too.

Can I leave USB car charger plugged in?

The question, ‘Can you leave USB car charger plugged in?’ Has an important implication of time. If you leave a USB car charger plugged in for a couple of weeks in your car, the charger might rust in the port and damage the battery too. However, leaving a USB car charger plugged in overnight would not harm the battery much as the lighter port is deactivated as soon as the car is turned off.

However, in some cars, turning off the car does not turn off the lighter port, just like it does not turn off the headlights. In such a scenario, the lighter port would continue gaining electricity from the car’s battery, and the charger would still be using it no matter a mobile phone is being charged or not. If this is the case, you would probably find your battery entirely drained by the morning (just like when the headlights are accidentally left on).

However, this is not binding on all cars. The battery of an old car is the most vulnerable to harm as opposed to a battery of a new car which can even spend a couple of days with a charger connected and the electricity from the battery being used.

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