How to Fix if the USB Car Charger is Not Working?


A USB car charger is an electronic charging gadget used to charge mobile phones, tablets, dash cams and so on. The adaptor plugs into the car lighter port and gains electricity from car’s battery to provide it to its USB ports. Then, you can charge your devices using USB cables.

Now, although the car chargers get around many problems with other chargers, there still might be a problem of USB car charger not working. The need for car chargers grew when people got more and busier and did not have much time to sit and wait for their mobile phones to charge through wall sockets.

USB car charger not working

Charging mobile phones during a commute is exceptionally time-saving. Although the same objective of time-saving can be pulled off using other devices like power banks and battery cases, they have their disadvantages that discourage their use. Power banks are much massive, take up too much space and require the usage of wires making them irksome to use.

On the other hand, a battery case makes the mobile look thicker than it is, makes it more cumbersome, and is the primary reason why the mobile phone gets heated when charged along with the battery case There can be several answers to the question, “why doesn’t my USB car charger work?”

  • Answer 1

A USB car charger might not be working if it is not receiving the electricity from the lighter port where it is connected. This can be the case if either the port is mutilated or the wiring, which connects the port to the battery, is somehow damaged. In any case, the problem can be solved. A person can replace the lighter port or make it done by an expert mechanic. The wiring can also be fixed if it is damaged.

In any case, the expert mechanic’s help is always recommended. Moreover, you should also make sure that the car is on because the lighter port does not receive electric current if the car is off. Adding to this, you can also use the car charger when the car is off only if you turn the lighter port into a constant circuit (connected to the battery directly) from switched circuit. However, constant circuits can harm your car.

  • Answer 2

The dirt and debris, which accumulates in the ports over time, can prevent the charger from establishing a stable connection.  This dirt can slow down the charging or stop it altogether. This is most probably why your USB car charger not working. This dirt and debris can be cleaned from the ports using a toothpick, a pin, a card or any other thin object.

  • Answer 3

The charging depends upon the usage of the mobile phone too. It is quite usual for people to be using their mobile phones while they are being charged. This way, the mobile phones are being charged and discharged simultaneously, leading to slow or no charging at all. This is not a charger’s fault; you need to stop or minimize the phone’s usage while it is being charged.

  • Answer 4

Faulty charging equipment is a primary reason why your mobile phone might not be charging. It does not only not charge your phone, but it also increases the chances of risks in the form of fire, explosion, short circuits and damage to mobile phones or car battery. One should not buy a low-quality charger in the first place, because they are more likely to damage your valuables.

Many chargers come with a warranty, so if they are not working correctly, you can claim the warranty if the warranty conditions are met. The fault is not always in the power adaptor, and it can also be in the USB cable you are using to charge your phone. So, the simple action of replacing the USB cable makes you good to go.


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