PDF tools help you to transform your file online without losing its quality

If you are looking for a tool that can help you transform your files to PDF, you have certainly landed in right place and at right time. 

Today, we will tell you all about PDF format and its advantages over other file formats, including word and many others.

If you are interested in transforming your files to PDF, you should read this post with thrust!

PDF format!

PDF, which stands for portable documents format, is one of the most disciplined file formats used all across the globe. We want you to know that this format displays documents in an electronic and inevitable format. This format was created and launched by Adobe systems a few decades ago, and ever since then, it has been improving and has been adopted by millions of users from all across the globe. Here we would like you to know that today PDF format has become an international standard for exchanging and sharing documents and sensitive information.

Popular PDF tools that can help you convert files!

Now that you know why PDF files are important, we would like you to know about the best tool to help you change your file formats to PDF without any problem. You can indeed convert word to PDF and other formats from their offline sources, but you should know that offline method is complicated and can consume a lot of your time.

PDF tools can help you read, edit, convert, compress, split, merge, lock, unlock, and sign PDF documents. There are many PDF converter tools on web, but not all of them can protect the quality of file. Our below-listed tools would however help you protect quality of your docs!


Word to PDF converter by PlagiarismDetector.net

The word to pdf converter by Plagiarismdetector.net is a relatively new online tool, but it is among the most easy-to-use and reliable docx to pdf tools that can help you make an accurate conversion. If you want to transform word to PDF in less than seconds, then this free online utility is going to be there for your rescue. You have to open this free word to doc converter on your browser and enter word files in dropbox. After submitting word files, you have to click on ‘Convert to PDF’ button. This doc to pdf online tool would get you a downloadable PDF file in less than seconds. This word converter offers many key options to PDF converters, which makes it a reliable option. Some of them are:

  1. Quick speed, this word to pdf tool can convert word to PDF in less than seconds. 
  2. It can cater to multiple conversions at once.
  3. There is no limitation to its use. It allows unlimited conversions.
  4. It protects the quality of PDF files. 

Small PDF

Small PDF is a versatile platform that can help you make PDF conversions. You can easily convert word to PDF, and you can also convert other documents and image files to PDF with this free website source. A small PDF is easy to use, but it is also among the most accurate resources listed on the web. 

Small PDF has gathered this much fame across the globe because it protects the quality, structure, layout, and contents of file in question. Your file will not lose the quality of its format if you use the conversion tools by small PDF. Small PDF can be used online via website source, or you can also get the application version for your smartphone. 

Advantages of PDF format over others 

There are many advantages of PDF file format, making it one of the most accepted ones across the globe. Some important points have been mentioned here for you to understand why you should transform all of your files to PDF.

  1. PDF files have graphic integrity. The most important advantage that PDF files have over others is that they can keep intact the structure and layout of document no matter which operating system you are opening them on. None other document format or file type can protect and keep intact the layout of original file.
  2. On PDF files, you can cater to every type of content, including text, images, vector graphics, audio files, 3D content, hyperlinks, and interactive tabs. This is why PDF format is preferred when organizing a report or presentation.
  3. PDF files are easy to create, read and can be used by anyone. They are considered to be extremely convenient.
  4. PDF format is the most secure one in this league. This is because it cannot be edited, and you can also protect it with passwords and watermarks. 
  5. PDF files have another pro which is that they are compact than other formats.


The PDF converter tools that we have listed above use advanced technology and artificial intelligence to convert your word or other docs to PDF. This is why you don’t have to worry about losing the quality of file while converting it.

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