Top 5 Travel Accessories To Bring To Europe

Top 5 Travel Accessories To Bring To Europe

Packing is an essential part of any trip. As you start making your Europe packing checklist, you might find yourself stumped; what exactly do you need? Fortunately, you can find a list here of the 5 travel accessories for Europe. Don’t start your voyage without them!

1) Travel Adapter

American and Canadian products are typically designed for 110/120 electrical voltage, whereas in Europe it’s 220/240 volts. If you want to bring your devices – phone, tablet, camera, laptop – and keep them charged, you’ll need a good travel adapter. Many products today are designed as dual voltage, so using your electric toothbrush, hairdryer, or flatiron is safe if you have a converter. Double-check these products before you leave, though, to ensure they really are dual voltage. You don’t want to be stuck in Europe with run-down devices, forced to buy a local phone or laptop charger!

2) Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

Rain gear is essential for European travel. You’ll spend more time trekking outside than you normally do, so you’re likely to be caught in some nasty weather. Don’t just waterproof your person, though. Bring along a rain cover for your backpack or travel bag. If you have a smaller sack you carry around with you during the day, or if you’re using a larger pack as your luggage, you’ll want to protect it from the rain. Even the best-quality backpacks and bags can’t keep out a deluge. Without a waterproof cover, you risk all your stuff getting soaked and possibly damaged.

3) Packing Cubes

One of the most important travel accessories for European travel is packing cubes. Trying to cram all of your clothes, shoes, and other items into your suitcase will only make an unorganized mess. With different-sized cubes, you can keep a clutter-free suitcase where everything is neat and accessible. Cubes come in a variety of models so you can pick those best suited to your needs. Need waterproof or hard-shell? Oddly-shaped or flexible drawstring versions? There are plenty of types available.

4) RFID Leather Wallet

To protect your money while you travel, consider adding an RFID-blocking leather wallet to your Europe packing checklist. If you carry credit cards containing an RFID chip, then hackers can walk past you whilst “scanning” your wallet, to snag the RFID data and clone your card. An RFID wallet coats your credit cards in material to block the radio waves that would read your card’s data. RFID chips aren’t just for credit cards, they’re used in transportation passes too. Any card you can tap or scan has the RFID chip. Bringing and RFID leather wallet on your trip protects your money and gives you peace of mind.

5) Gorillapod

If you plan to take photos on your travels – and honestly, who doesn’t? – then you need a Gorrillapod. A flexible tripod with adjustable legs, this accessory is perfect for setting up those hard-to-attain camera angles. Regular tripods can only be used on flat surfaces, where they can rest upright. A Gorrillapod can securely wrap its legs around anything, giving you the perfect shot no matter where you are. This gadget is a must for the on-the-go travel photographer who likes convenience.

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