Think You Know Pemf Devices? Think Again

When you are looking forward to buying PEMF devices, many things have to be taken under consideration. Starting from the devices you are looking for to its capabilities, you will have to consider many aspects. Therefore, this article will focus on knowing before buying any PEMF devices or opting for PEMF therapy.

Before proceeding to PEMF therapy and its devices, you must know if you need PEMF therapy or not. As PEMF therapy works on the cellular level, are you eligible to use these devices for your benefit or not?

Why do you need treatment at cellular levels?

Most of the time, the cell membrane charges are affected because of the magnetic fields. This causes the channels in the membrane to open and get loose. These channels are very much similar to the doors or windows in your house. When these channels come out in the open, nutrients tend to enter the cells easily, and the wastage is easily excreted. This helps in rebalancing your body and restoring optimum cell functions.

If cells are rightly restored, then its performance of the body will do good. The same cells tend to come together to convert into tissues. This, in turn, combines to make organs. Therefore, if the cellular functions are restored and maintained properly, organ functions are properly restored and maintained. This enables the entire body to work properly and efficiently.

Can you use PEMF therapy and devices?

You shouldn’t use PEMF therapies if the device’s applicators need to be kept over various devices that need to be implanted, such as intrathecal pumps, cochlear implants, and even pacemakers. This certain level of precaution towards safety is made to assert that the magnetic field does not hinder the device’s performance. Other than that, the therapy of PEMF can be further used by any person, anywhere on the whole planet. It is important to note that applicators may be placed over sensitive organs such as the prostate, eyes, and even the brain. Furthermore, many studies suggest that if the applicators are placed over the heart, they can help improve congestive heart failure. 

Are PEMFs able to protect from future injuries and ailments?

There are enough studies that prove that regardless of any reason if cells do not function properly, it can lead to serious illness. Magnetic fields are then able to improve energy, circulation and even repair to improve and protect the malfunction of cells again. One of the rarely known facts is that they can also help increase the various unique stress proteins present in the cells. These proteins then help prevent the breakdown of cells that are caused due to wear and tear and encourages a fast recovery from various injuries. Sometimes, these magnetic fields are able to balance bodily functions and tissues at different extreme levels, maybe even before damage occurs.

What is known as a PEMF therapy device, and in what way can it be used?

To conduct PEMF therapy, a magnetic field is produced by running an electric current through a copper coil. This is then embodied into various types of devices, amongst which the one which is most preferred and often used is a therapy mat, which is also considered the most effective. To use a therapy mat, one lays on the mat or can even place the applicator in the particular part or region where the treatment needs to be conducted. The PEMFs will then enter via the body and target the various tissues, muscles, and bones to be treated. Although PEMF therapy is not known to have many adverse effects on many individuals, it wouldn’t surprise people to have some mild reactions to the therapy.

Magnet therapies are known to have several reactions within one’s body. To experience mild discomfort at the beginning of the treatment shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most of these reactions occurring in the body are temporary and mild. These discomforts can be easily resolved by making small changes to the therapy. These therapies will help you in relaxing your stress and have the good night’s sleep that you are craving for years. So, buy one PEMF mat and start taking care of your body.

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