Hiking: What’s the best way to store backpacks?

To Store

Backpacks are such a blessing, right? They stay with you all through your school, carrying your books and stationery for you. Then they expand a little to makes some room for your sporting equipment and bigger books. Then you get some backpacks that are small and funky to last through your high school and college.

Then when you are finally done with these, you try to get some other small, but sophisticated backpacks to last throughout your university. Then, later when you go for a job, you get some classy backpacks to carry all your files and documents and laptops and power banks.

Then some time later you decide that you need a vacation and you go out and get multiple backpacks to store all your possessions to travel around the world. Or maybe you just wanted to try backpacking for once, so you went out and got just one backpack for all the things that you might pack.

Your Friend for life: Your Backpack

See, where I am going with this? How was it to realize that backpacks will cover for you your entire life. They will be there in every walk of your life to make sure that you do not get overwhelmed carrying all those things around with you. Your backpacks will carry just about anything for you. All they ask in return is that you use them carefully and do not fill them with more than what they could carry.

All this sounds a little too much for just a backpack, but you will realize that if you take proper care of your backpack, your backpack will repay you by staying with you for a very long time, especially if your backpack is made out of genuine leather. Genuine leather lasts for a lifetime and even gets better with age, even if it loses that signature leather odor.

Caring for Your Backpack

The typical definition of caring for your backpack usually includes just a wash every two or three months or so. Many people know no other way to care for their other than throwing it in a washing machine to let it soak for around half an hour or so and then putting it under running water to wash away all the detergent and then store backpack in a filthy cupboard till the next time you need it. There are multiple problems with this approach.

  1. Firstly, just washing a backpack is not the appropriate definition of caring for your backpack. Caring for your backpack implies that you not only keep it clean, but take care about the capacity of that backpack. If you overfill your backpack, it will, sooner or later tear up. Taking care of your backpack also means that you make sure that you protect your backpack against any sharp objects that might cause even the lightest of tears. The smallest of tears in a backpack will lead to bigger and bigger cuts and ruin your backpack.
  2. Secondly, washing your backpack in a washing machine is not usually recommended. If you have a backpack such as the Cycling Backpack with Solar USB Charging from gzmoist.com that has several electric parts and wires placed in its interior to support the solar charging, you definitely have to be more careful than just throw the backpack in a washing machine.
  3. Lastly, storing a backpack is no less than an art. When you store backpacks as great as the Shell Shape Leather Backpack from gizmoist.com, that is made out of genuine leather and has a variety of anti theft features or the Women’s Leather Backpack you need to make sure that you do it right. Before you store, you should clean the backpacks according to the safety tags placed inside the backpack. This is the most crucial part. Then you should store your backpack in a large enough plastic bag, and then keep them safely inside a cupboard or hang them or place them on a shelf, depending on what you have available. Do not put heavy items on top of your stored backpack.
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