What is an Apple battery case and should I buy one?

Battery cases are the cases for your mobile phones. They attach to your mobile phone’s back and protect it as a protective case just like any other case or cover; the only thing different between a battery case and a normal case is that a battery case also provides your mobile phone’s battery with the charge when it needs it. iPhone users mostly and extensively use battery cases because the iPhone’s battery life is not so good, and the charging time is also too long.

What is Apple battery case?

Other brands instead of Apple first made battery cases for iPhones, but when these battery cases proved to be a success, Apple started manufacturing battery cases under its name. Apple first introduced a smart battery case for iPhone 6 featuring different colors. Then, battery cases were also introduced for iPhones 7, 8, 7 plus and 8 plus. These Apple battery cases range from $78 to $100. However, you can buy battery cases under other brand names at as low as $20 while they too range from $20 to $150. So, why should a person buy a $100 battery case just because it is made by Apple when he can get one which is not made by Apple for as low as $20?

Should I buy Apple battery case?

Apple has been charging high amounts of money for its accessories while these accessories are available under other brand names for less than half the price of Apple’s accessories. Examples of this are the ear pods, lightning cable, and power adaptor. People buy these overpriced goods just because Apple makes these. Same is the case with Apple battery cases; Apple’s battery cases are much expensive than other brands’ battery cases. However, there are several reasons why one should buy Apple battery case even though it is much more expensive than other brands and here are a few of those:

1.    Durability and reliability

When you are using Apple’s accessories for Apple’s devices, it is free from danger, and you can always rely on these accessories because Apple would know the best about what will be best for the iPhones made by them. Apple’s battery cases are also of the finest quality.

2.    Warranty

Apple gives a warranty with its iPhones which can become void under certain circumstances. One of those circumstances is when you get your iPhone damaged while using it with any third-party accessory which is not certified made for iPhone (MFi) accessory. So, if you use your iPhone with any other battery case and it gets damaged somehow, the warranty for the iPhone becomes void and no one wants to damage their $1000 iPhone for saving around $50 on a battery case.

3.    The convenient design

Apple’s smart battery case is made as one piece while other brands’ battery cases are made in two pieces. This makes the Apple’s battery case easy to remove and attach as it can bend backward. Moreover, the battery case is made with a grippy silicon material which makes it easy to hold; the iPhone will not fall from your hands if you have butter fingers!

4.    Integration with iOS

Apple’s smart battery cases offer integration with the iOS, and it shows what percentage of battery is remaining in the battery case on your iPhone screens, unlike other battery cases in which you will have to rely on LED lights of the battery case.

5.    It can be charged using the lightning cable

The Apple smart case can be charged with a lightning cable, the same used for the iPhone, while the majority of the other battery cases need to be charged using a mini USB cable. So, if you have any other battery case, you will have to carry around an extra cable with you. Moreover, you can quickly charge your iPhone and the battery case together if you have an Apple smart battery case.

These advantages you can even enjoy whne you buy third party cases. Be sure to check out some of the best battery cases here!

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