Do high school students carry backpacks?

Backpacks have become a compulsion these days to carry your stuff around with ease wherever you go, no matter to school, for hiking, for camping or just on a business trip. Backpacks have become so popular because of the fact that they allow people to carry all the stuff together at one place without feeling too much weight. Adding to this, there is a less chance of losing your stuff if everything is in a backpack and is only taken out when needed.

Backpacks and related concerns

Now, there has been a high concern about students carrying backpacks around high school. Several people and experts believe that high schools should not allow the carrying of backpacks because of the security concerns. There have been several instances of bullying and harassments amongst students lately. The students who are involved in this can carry dangerous weapons or equipment in the backpack which can harm others. Adding to this, many schools across the United States of America have banned the backpacks because of the school shootings that were witnessed in recent times.

The terrorist and criminals can bring in weapons to the schools in backpacks, because weapons can not be carried in hand and taken inside the school. The ban is implemented and is completely operational in many schools across the US, and parents and teachers are all in support of the ban.

Backpacks a “NO” in the fashion world?

Apart from the security issues, many students do not prefer to carry backpacks to schools just like they do not like to wear uniforms. High schools do not have a compulsion on uniforms nor on backpacks, so students can carry whatever bag they want to carry, and most of the times it is the stylish small bags that can fit a book or two and some accessories of the student.

Now, these bags are enough for a high school student, because you do not need to carry much stuff to high school anyway. A bag like this is the ‘Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbody Messenger Backpack with USB Charging Port’ available at The bag has a unique design with a crossbody strap instead of the two shoulder straps. The bag is available in 6 colors, is extremely stylish and has an external USB port too.

Backpacks and Concerns!

Moreover, backpacks carry a lot of space in a classroom while students are sitting n the chairs, their coats hanging to the back of the chairs and the backpacks lying down on the floor. This leaves really less space to move around. Adding to this, students are also given access to lockers to keep their belongings so that they can access them whenever needed at the school campus.

So, it is quite useless to carry heavy backpacks from the house to the school and all the way back when you can just keep the things in the school and take them with you when you need it. Hence, many high school students do not use backpacks. Backpacks are generally very expensive too, so you can save a lot of money by not buying them.

Another concern of students on carrying the backpacks to school is the security of their own belongings. Instances such as theft and stealing are very common and can happen in high school. So, your backpack can easily be opened, and people can steal your precious belongings along with your notes that you have worked on. To get around this problem, the anti-theft backpacks were introduced.

These backpacks keep your belongings safe as thefts in these backpacks become nearly impossible. Some of the anti-theft backpacks available at are ‘Anti-Theft Canvas Backpack with USB Charging Port’, ‘Laptop Backpack with USB Charging’, ‘Luminous Canvas School Backpack’ and ‘Luminous Glow in the Dark Anti-Theft Backpack’. The last two come with a free lock which keeps your backpack further safe. Adding to this is the ‘Women’s Leather Backpack with Anti-Theft Security’ which is extremely stylish with the anti-theft technology, and is extremely suitable for high school students.

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