How can I prevent things from being stolen at school?

Your time at school is one of the most important experiences that you will have in a lifetime. This is perhaps your first complete exposure to the world outside. Perhaps the most important skill that school gives you is teaching interaction. You not only learn manners of interaction here but also the precious skill of learning to understand people of your own age. At that time your school bagpack seems like a world to you with all the prized possessions. 

School Backpacks and thefts!

School will also expose you to certain realities. It shatters the barrier of a perfect world for you. Here, you will learn how to take care of yourself against certain evils. One of these evils is stealing. While you may not be willing to accept it, but many people, as children, have unrealistic fantasies and these fantasies overpower them into stealing possessions of other people.

This is always an alarming situation. You are always afraid to keep your belongings out there. And you never know when you might lose something and that is not a very comfortable position to be in. Ultimately, you might even stop bringing your important belongings altogether.

Anti-theft  School Backpack

School Backpack manufacturers have come to realize the scenario. They have taken steps to make sure that no one other than you can get into your backpack. After many years of research into the habits of people looking to deprive you of your precious belongings, manufacturers have come up with special designs that prevent theft. An anti-theft School backpack will have features that make theft extremely difficult. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as a fool-proof plan, and theft is inevitable. specializes in wide variety backpack and offers them at the best prices. Their Luminous Glow in the dark series (available in both boys and girls variants) has a capacity of 35 liters with padded shoulders and great glow in the dark design, or you could go for their Anti theft Canvas Backpack that has a usb charging port in addition to great anti theft features and multiple compartments. A typical anti-theft backpack will have the following specialties:

  • RFID blocking technology: RFID chips are placed on your credit cards. Hackers can use special frequencies to tap into these cards. They use the information on these cards for theft. Anti-theft backpacks usually have technology to block out these frequencies and prevent any sort of identity theft.
  • Secret compartments: These secret compartments are meant for your valued possessions. In case a thief does manage to break into your school backpack, he will not be able to find these hidden compartments since they are usually covered with layers of fabric.
  • Slash-Safe: Anti-theft backpacks are made up of material that cannot be cut through. A good quality anti-theft backpack will have material that will make it practically impossible to slash through.
  • Untearable straps: One of the most usual ways to commit theft is to cut off the backpack entirely and run away with it. With Anti-theft backpacks, this theft is totally avoided. This is because these backpacks do not only have slash-safe skin, but also metal wires running in the straps that make it impossible to cut them off.

How to choose a Backpack

Choosing a school backpack can be very tricky! If you plan to go out and buy it without any prior research, especially  Anti-theft backpacks. It will become more of a hassle for you.Follow this guide to make this experience a good one:

  • The material: When buying an anti-theft backpack, the material is the most important one. Make sure that the material at least has strength level 2 to make it slash-free. If not, then the backpack is not slash free.
  • Padding: padding is important. Because if you ever carry a laptop or tablet in your backpack, it will break. The slightest of fall without padding can be damaging.
  • Price: Get the best price possible at For example, get the shell shape leather backpack that is made from genuine leather. The lowest price for a leather backpack that anyone would charge you.
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