All you need to know about school backpack sizes and dimensions!

All you need to know about school backpack sizes and dimensions!

One major reason of a child’s excitement to go back to school is the new school gears they get. These new school things include water bottle, backpack, lunch box, stationery and so on. The most difficult task for parents is to choose a new suitable backpack for their children’s schooling.

The reason being that if the school bag is not appropriate, it might be too bug, too heavy or too small that it might get torn due to getting overweight. Adding to this, school backpacks are not cheap that you can buy them again and again in very short spans.

Choosing school backpack sizes is the most irksome job for parents and even more difficult when they have to see other features too in the backpack. Here, we will try to provide a complete school backpack size guide to help you choose appropriate backpacks for your children.

How to choose the right backpack?

A perfect school backpack for a child would be of a height that is from the shoulder to the waistline. This is the maximum height that a child can carry; a backpack of height bigger than this would be difficult to carry for a child. Taller backpack would cause backpain or injuries to children.

Adding to this, the backpack should be centered between the two shoulder blades; the width must not be more than this, otherwise the result would once again be backpain and injuries.

However, it must be noted that you can not get a backpack tailored to your children’s sizes, unless you order a backpack of that size from a manufacturer. So, you can buy a backpack which more or less meets the size requirement according to your child. The maximum limit up to where you can go is 2 inches extra height and 2 inches extra width; a backpack even bigger than this must never be bought.

The Capacity!

The interior capacity of the backpack must be spacious enough to fit all the books, stationery and lunchbox etc. If the backpack is not spacious enough, it might get torn apart due to getting overweight. On the other hand, if it is more spacious than required, it would be extremely heavy, causing difficulties for children to carry the backpacks.

Moreover, backpacks with too many zippers are heavy too, because zippers made up of metal add to the backpacks’ weight more than anything else. However, the zippers compartments are necessary too because a school backpack needs to have many compartments to organize the stuff as and when it is needed. So, a simple solution around this problem is to provide internal pockets without zippers, but with good quality material.

A major consideration!

Durability of the backpack must never be compromised. The reason being that when you purchase a backpack for school, it is not used only to take stuff to school, but you might also use it for other purposes such as to carry sports equipment, for travelling, hiking and so on. So, all these activities would impose pressure on the backpack and it might tear apart. So, one must buy a backpack that is durable, light weight and of appropriate size.

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