Why Is My Samsung Galaxy S6 Not Fast Charging and How To Fix It?

Why Is My Samsung Galaxy S6 Not Fast Charging and How To Fix It?

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a smartphone model from Samsung that let its battery to be charged promptly at a shorter period of time, and fast charging in Galaxy S6 is achieved by supplementing the charging power of the charger. However, this phone comes in the market with a problem i.e. Galaxy S6 not fast charging. For the same reason, Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone users complain to Samsung technicians: My Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t fast charge.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Not Fast Charging

Certain conditions need to be met if you want your Galaxy S6 smartphone to fast charge. Here they are:

    • Ensure that the fast charging switch in your phone settings is not turned off.
    • Make sure that you are exploiting the adaptive fast charger that comes with your phone. You also have the option to use third party quick chargers that are certified and work with your phone.
    • If you want fast charging to work, then ensure either your screen or device is off.
    • If the phone heats up during fast charging, then you should utilize normal charging.

If the above guidelines do not work for you, then it is time for you to do some troubleshooting. Here is how:

  • Clean the charging port of your phone either by deploying a can of compressed air or blowing air into it using a straw. It may help you eliminate dirt or debris from the port.
  • Your charging cord may be damaged, in that case, you should use a different charging cord.
  • Try utilizing a distinct adaptive fast charging charger.
  • Back up your phone data, then do a factory reset. Check if the problem is resolved.

If thing mentioned above do not work for you then it is time you took your phone to the service centre for repairing.

How to Turn On Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge Fast Charging

In order to turn on Galaxy S6 or S6 edge wireless charging feature, you must go to your phone ‘Settings’, then scroll down the bar and find out the option ‘Power saving’, which is under the category System. Now select the option ‘Fast charging’ to enable your phone’s fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Fast Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 fast wireless charging is possible. You simply need to place you phone on a wireless charger (charging pad) without any need for additional accessories. Remember that wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy smartphone is sold separately, and you can get one from an online store. LED (Light Emitting Diode) display will give you the clue about charging status. Your battery is full; this will be indicated when the LED display has turned from subtle blue to green.

Galaxy S6 Charging Slow

If you are Samsung’s smartphone user, then you must know that battery performance of smartphone degrades after some time i.e. the more you use the phone, the faster the rate of loss of performance of the phone is. However, if you think that battery is not the issue with your phone, then you can do some software troubleshooting. Here is how:

    • You must refresh the system cache of your Galaxy S6 smartphone.
    • Restart your phone in Safe Mode before charging it.
    • Ensure that only a minimum of apps (applications) are running, turn off the phone.
    • Do a ‘Master Reset’ if the above three points do not work for you.

This is all about Samsung Galaxy S6 charging issues. You need to look for a few things if you want your Samsung Galaxy S6 fast charging to work. Normally, the problem is with a battery or charger, so you need to do some troubleshooting for fixing the issue; Galaxy S6 not fast charging.

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