What To Do If Your S7 Wireless Charging Is Not Working Or Paused


Samsung S7 also comes with the latest wireless charging technology, but in recent times its sales has been affected due to wireless charging issue (sometimes it’s not working or it pauses automatically).

Inductive charging (wireless charging) is a bit more complicated than the typical USB charging and considering Galaxy S7, the technology needs to be refined. S7 has not been working 100% with wireless technology and that’s why there’s a need to troubleshoot the problem.

The wireless charging issue is indeed complicated as it involves wireless charging pad, battery and the device itself.

Below are some common problems that S7 users face while wireless charging:

Majority of the S7 users don’t align the QI wireless charging pad to the smartphone correctly, hence unable to charge the device

align s7 properly on the charging pad

  • Align the S7 and charging pad correctly to get the best results.
  • S7 needs to be horizontally placed on the wireless charging pad.
  • Use compatible pads like the 3 coil charger pad to maximize alignment.

S7 Wireless Charging Paused

Many S7 users have faced the problem of charging being paused. Well that’s something the internal of the phone has to do, for example Galaxy S7 pauses wireless charging in sleep mode.

This means that the user needs to disable sleep mode from the phone settings:

  • from the home screen’
  • click/go to ‘Settings’
  • select ‘Display’
  • select ‘Daydream’

‘Daydream’ features disables sleep mode while charging, so that the user can fix the wireless charging problem.

Alternative Wireless Charging Solution for S7

Another way of fixing Galaxy S7 wireless charging malfunctioning is by using a shorter cable/wire length for the QI pad. The main reason for using a shorter cable is because it has low resistance to power than a longer one.

Sometimes the user loads his Galaxy S7 with unnecessary third party apps, which further leads to wireless charging malfunction.

Boot your phone in Safe Mode to identify third party apps. Safe mode booting helps to identify such apps, so that the user can uninstall them and can experience hassle-free wireless charging.

  • Switch off Galaxy S7.
  • Press and hold the Power key
  • Quickly release the Power key (when Samsung logo appears) and then press and hold Volume Down Key
  • Safe Mode will appear on the screen. Now find unnecessary third party apps and try uninstalling them to solve charging issues.

Firmware issues may also cause wireless charging issues. To rule out firmware issues, the user needs to reset the phone.

Note: Backup all your data before eliminating firmware issues

Many users have experience unexpected heating while wireless charging, and many times charging abruptly stops due to excessive heating.

 The above problem can be solved by charging the phone while it’s turned off. If the device still heats up (while being switched off) then there must be some hardware issues (contact customer support in this case).

Another troubleshooting step if neither of the above steps works out,

First we need to isolate if the charger or the phone is having issue. Following the above steps should fix the issue if the phone is having issue.

Below are solutions to wireless charging issues

You can try below steps.

  • Power the device off.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the device vibrates; release only the Power key.
  • When the Android system recovery menu displays; release the Volume Up and the Home key.
  • Navigate with the Volume keys to the “”wipe cache partition”” option and press the Power key to select.
  • Press the Power Key to select. The phone will automatically reset after the cache is wiped.

This will not erase any data from phone, but rather clear unwanted cache files from phone.

If that didn’t work, it may be a charger issue. Try getting a compatible charger. 

If charging problem still persists, send the Galaxy S7 device for a check up at a certified and designated store. Wireless charging problems may cause some serious problems in future, if left unattended.

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