Does the Samsung S7 Active Have Wireless Charging?

Does the Samsung S7 Active Have Wireless Charging?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is the 4th Active model for Samsung. The previous versions embrace Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, and Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. This mobile phone can last immersion in water for up to 5 feet for around 30 minutes. The phone is available on online stores for the price of 360 EUR. The question is: Does the Samsung S7 Active have wireless charging? Of course, it supports Qi (energy flow)/PMA (Power Matters Alliance) wireless charging just like S6 Active wireless charging.


Galaxy S7 Active Wireless Charging Pad

S7 Active wireless charging pad is sold separately, and it allows Samsung’s user to charge his/her phone simply by putting it on the charging pad. The pad supports Qi inductive charging technology, eradicating the requirement to attach a charging cable, every time you want to charge a phone. In majority of cases, wireless charging works without getting rid of smartphone’s cover. The best part of the pad is that you can still use your phone while charging.


Galaxy S7 Active Wireless Charging Not Working

Wireless charging for Galaxy S7 Active always works; however, wireless charging is a problem in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The names of these two phones are too much similar that force mobile users to think that Galaxy S7 Active has issues in wireless charging. This wireless charging problem is sometimes mentioned as ‘Galaxy S7 Edge wireless charging paused’.  However, if your phone is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, then here is the solution to charge it wirelessly:


Turn on the phone, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Display’. Now select ‘Daydream’ and ensure ‘Daydream’ feature is turned on. Select the ‘Daydream’ visual that you want. Choose ‘More’ in the top right corner and choose ‘Select when to daydream’. Now wirelessly charge your phone. Hurrah! The problem is solved.


S7 Active Fast Wireless Charging

Samsung has introduced a special feature in battery settings of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active i.e. ‘Fast Wireless Charging’. Here is what this feature describes:

“Charge your battery promptly. The device may become warm if the fast wireless charging is enabled. If this feature is turned off, then standard charging will be used in its place.”


S7 Active Qi Enabled

S7 Active is a Qi enabled smartphone, but it reportedly lacks Quick Charge 3.0 Support as with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.


S6 Active Wireless Charging Pad

How does S6 Active wireless charging pad work? You only need to place your device directly on the charging pad, and you will see that your phone has started charging. Galaxy’s charging pads are Qi certified, and they are compatible with every Qi-enabled device. The pad restores battery power in as little as 4 hours. The wireless charging pad for Samsung S6 Active is simple and easy to use.


Galaxy S6 Active Wireless Charging

Galaxy S6 Active works with either of the two very famous wireless charging standards out in the market namely, Qi and PMA. The mobile phone, S6 Active is very much dual-mode wireless charging compatible.

Now let us review what we have discussed in this article so far. Galaxy S7 supports Qi/PMA wireless charging just like Galaxy S6. You have to use a charging pad to wirelessly charge the Active versions of Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a wireless charging problem that can be resolved. The most highlighted feature of Galaxy S7 Active is ‘Fast Wireless Charging’. S7 Active is a Qi-enabled phone, but it reportedly lacks ‘Quick Charge 3.0 Support’.


Honestly speaking, Galaxy S7 Active is one of the best phones available today. So, if you are a smartphone user, then you should try this version at least for once.


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