Should I choose to go for genuine leather bags or faux/PU leather bags?

Since ancient times, man has seen leather as an invaluable commodity. As far back as you can imagine, humankind sought protection from the forces of weather. Humankind found this protection in the form of animal hides. These animal hides were, at first, no more than a waste product of the everyday hunt.

However, man slowly came to see, that if utilized properly, these by-products could be used to protect them from the forces of nature and be used to provide warmth. However, a problem was slowly discovered. Animal hides were not very durable. They would begin to rot and the stink was already too much to handle. So, people began to look for ways to overcome these shortcomings, which led to the development of the first leather products.

Modern Leather:

As people began to realize the implications of leather in their daily life, they eventually improved the quality of the commodity and began to use it for several other uses, such as footwear, storage, furniture coverings, etc. Clearly the leather we use today is very different from what was first invented and used by people of primitive times, but if the primitive man had never discovered leather, there would be no modern leather

Today, leather is considered to be one of the most expensive commodities to dress up in and undoubtedly one of the most stylish too. Today, leather is used for multiple reasons, the major one being shoes and clothes manufacturing. Leather is also used in furniture as leather sofas are one of the most exquisite pieces of furniture that you can get to furnish your house. One of the most versatile devices that can be made out of leather, however, are still backpacks.

Buy Leather Backpacks at

When it comes to backpacks, leather is one of the expensive options. However, if you consider how long leather backpacks last and how great they look, you will come to realize that the deal is reasonable. However, the choice to buy leather backpacks is not only a difficult one, but subjective too.

The choice is so difficult because there is so much that you have to consider when you buy a leather backpack. Do you want a PU leather backpack or a genuine leather backpack? Do you want to spend so much on a backpack? What kind of leather backpack should you carry around? How to check for the authenticity of the leather that you are buying? What leather feels right? To answer all of these questions, you have to know everything there is to know leather, for which, you must put in hours and hours of research.

The subjectivity in this choice stems from the uniqueness of each individual. Not everyone wants what the other person wants and perhaps what you have may not be approved by the other person, which might make you want to change your mind about your decision to buy a leather backpack after all. Moreover, leather is a controversial product.

Many people are against leather purchase because they feel it propagates animal cruelty since leather comes from animals and the process of this extraction is sometimes extremely painful. However, the process need not always be painful and the leather need not always come from animals.

PU leather Backpacks vs. Genuine Leather Backpacks

PU leather backpacks are some of the most trending backpacks because of their affordability even in the leather club, PU or Faux leather is man-made leather. While genuine leather comes from animals. The difference between a PU leather backpack and a genuine leather backpack may sometimes be near impossible to tell. PU leather backpacks are not as durable as genuine leather and their finishing and color may fade with time, but PU leather backpacks are usually cheaper than genuine leather backpacks.

On the other hand, genuine leather backpacks last a lifetime and get better with time but may be expensive. The Shell Shape Leather Backpack at is made out of genuine leather, is waterproofed and has the best anti-theft features that you can find. The Large Anti theft Leather backpack is another great leather backpack for women and so is the Fashionable Genuine Leather Backpack.

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