What are backpacks that professional women can use everyday and not feel as if they are 14 years old?

Professional backpacks for women

Backpacks are used by everyone, no matter what the age of a person is. Whether it be a school student, a college student, a working man or woman, a hiker, a person who is travelling or an old man going to his native town, everyone needs backpacks to accumulate all their stuff at one place.

The backpack gives an ease of carrying things around because everything can be stored at one place and the weight feels lighter than if everything is carried in hands or in a handbag. Working women require backpacks equally if not more than anyone else. They need to keep their work-related stuff, their lunch, their cosmetics and everything that is needed within a day at work.

To keep all this stuff, they need a very spacious backpack, and to maintain their image, they also need to carry a good looking backpack so that they do not look like 14 years old girls going to school.

To meet this requirement, they can either get handbags. Handbags look quite good and have quite much space available in them too. However, the fact that they need to be carried in hands, means that they feel heavier than the backpacks which are carried on people’s backs. The reason is that our back and shoulders are more capable of carrying heavy weights for longer hours than our hands. There are several professional backpacks available for working women in the market and the few of the best ones amongst them are available at Gizmoist.com. Let us take a look at few of them.

  1. Women’s Leather Backpack with Anti-Theft Security and External USB Charger

The backpack is available in two different colors: black and blue. The backpack’s design is ideal as a professional backpack for working women. Designed with the anti-theft security, the backpack is made up of genuine leather which is strong enough to easily carry all your belongings.It has a spacious interior capacity of 20 liters. Moreover, the backpack also has an external USB port to charge your mobile phones on the go.


The backpack can be worn in multiple ways: it can be carried like a purse over in hand, worn on one shoulder, it can be worn like a backpack with two double leather shoulder straps or it can be worn like a cross body messenger backpack. This high level of flexibility allows women to use the backpack for multiple purposes.

  1. Large Anti-Theft Leather Backpack with External USB Port and Reflective Safety Stripes

This is another great professional backpack available for working women in two colors: black and burgundy. The backpack is made from genuine leather which gives it a strong quality so that it can carry a lot of stuff without being damaged. The material is waterproof and very soft too. This backpack too has an external USB port to charge your mobile phones or tablets on the go. Moreover, the backpack has hidden anti-theft pockets, buckles and zipper closures. The zippers are made with high quality metal to make them more smooth and durable. The backpack also offers multiple ways to carry it: it can be held like a purse, worn on one shoulder, like a crossbody messenger or using the adjustable shoulder straps.

  1. Fashionable Genuine Leather Backpack with USB Port, Tassel Designs, and 3-Layer Pockets

The backpack is available in many variants and colors. It is available in red and black colors with small and large sizes and with or without an external USB port. The backpack is made up of genuine cowhide leather, with a soft but strong material and has hidden anti-theft pockets. The straps are unpadded and made with genuine leather. This backpack can also be worn in multiple ways like the other two backpacks. Adding to this, it has a very unique resemblance to a classic purse. It is one of the best sellers of Gizmoist.com and has great reviews from customers.

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