Why Is My Phone Not Fast Charging and Dying Fast?

Have you bought a smartphone? Is your phone not fast charging? So, you have a query: Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast? The problem is that your phone battery is either ageing or going bad. A battery with high internal resistance shows this effect when its state of charge is low, because it is unable to last to provide the current while also maintaining the terminal voltage.   


Your phone battery is not charging. It may be because of that you have acquired a new battery that is, worse than your old battery, and the battery monitor is still utilizing the old battery profile contributing to an improper percentage estimate. You can resolve this by resetting the battery profile, and searching for “battery calibration” application (app) for your phone. Judging by the fact that your phone resumes only 12 hours, the likely explanations are:


  1. Your phone battery is close to 2 years old, and now it holds a fraction of charge it did when it was novel.
  2. You recently have purchased a downmarket third-party battery, and installed it in your smartphone. Did you pay less than $10 for the battery?


Phone Not Fast Charging, Usually a Problem with Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Phone not fast charging is an issue in Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge, and S8. Here is how to resolve this issue in these phones:


Solution to Fix Slow Charging in Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Turn off the device, and plug in the charger; it will help you save energy. Observe carefully if your device default charging logo appears, and let it charge for an hour or several hours. If this method does not work, then delete system cache and data, and see if your device is still charging. If your device is still not charging, then go for ‘Factory Reset’, and make sure your charger wires or cables are not damaged; this is the last method to charge your Note 5.

Solution to Fix Slow Charging in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Go to phone’s Settings->Battery Settings, and turn on ‘Fast Charging’. Make sure your screen is turned off. It is even better to turn off your device; otherwise switch to ‘Airplane Mode’. If you do not prefer switching to ‘Airplane Mode’, then turn off features like Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), Bluetooth, Phone Data, and GPS (Global Positioning System) to make the most of fast charging feature of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.


Solution to Fix Slow Charging in Samsung Galaxy S8

First of all, you will need to clean the charging port of the phone utilizing a can of compressed air. Then set the phone properly for fast charging; here is how: Navigate to Apps (Applications), touch screen, then look for and select battery. Touch More Options->Touch Advanced Settings. In order to turn on Fast cable charging, touch the slider. You should deploy a working charging cord ad adaptive fast charging charger to charge your phone successfully.


iPhone Charging Slow and Dying Fast

In addition to Samsung Galaxy smartphones, fast charging can also be an issue in Apple’s iPhone; however, it is not a very serious issue in iPhones. Is your iPhone taking an eternity to charge? The problem is neither with your device nor the charging cable. Here’s the solution:

If your iPhone is not charging, then there may be a simple build-up of dust or debris in the lightning port of your device. This blocked lightning port is the reason behind many iPhone users’ charging issues. You should either use a toothpick or bobby pin to mildly clean the debris out of the clogged lightning port. If it does not work, then try utilizing a can of compressed air to remove the build-up. Now restart and reconnect your phone with the charger. It will resolve your problem.



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