How do you efficiently pack your backpack for hiking (or school)?

The art of packing bags

What if you just throw all your stuff in the bag without any organization, and just beat it in to fit in the bag? Not only will your stuff get damaged, but you will not be able to wear your backpack on your shoulders without causing discomfort. Moreover, why can’t many people pack their own bags before travelling and require someone else’s help in doing so? Because of the ‘art of packing bags’.

Bags must be packed in a way that all the stuff gets in them without getting damaged and bags are comfortable to carry too. The objective in bag packing is to protect the fragile items from damage, making the things easy to access which are needed repeatedly and saving as much space as possible to store as much stuff as possible.

The layers you need to deal with!

  1. First of all, the things that are heavy and not needed for a long time must be placed at the bottom such as clothes or sleeping bag.
  2. Then, those things must be placed which are heavy but have a chance of breaking such as cameras. Then, on top of those you can place a coat or a jacket which might be needed repeatedly.
  3. Then, you can place food items in another pocket so that there is not a chance of damaging your clothes or other valuables in case they spill or the packets of food open.
  4. Small things such as sunglasses, gloves, earphones, USB charging cable and power bank can be placed in the other pockets that are in the front or on the sides. Then, finally, the water bottles can be placed in the side pockets that are made up of net.
  5. Adding to this, the first aid kit must be kept at the top or in a completely separate pocket so that it is accessible right when it is needed.

This was an exemplary arrangement to pack your backpack for hiking, travelling or mountain climbing. Some of the bags that are suitable for this purpose are ‘New Oxford Swiss 17-inch Waterproof Travel Rucksack’, ‘Laptop Backpack with USB Charging’, ‘Baibu Solar Backpack’ and ‘Cycling Backpack with Solar USB Charging’.

These backpacks are available on they are available for extremely reasonable prices and offer a great deal of utility for the users. The ‘Cycling Backpack with Solar USB charging’ is one of the best ones, because it has a water bag in it, so you do not need to carry water bottles. Moreover, it also has solar panels to charge your phones while on the go, so you do not even need a power bank.

The school backpack packing!

Now, let us look at the ideal way to pack your backpack for school. Most of the kids are as careless as it can get, so they least care about packing their backpacks appropriately for school. If they are given the responsibility to do so, they will end up damaging some things or even forget placing some things in the backpack. So, it must be an adult to pack their backpack for them.

For packing the backpack for school, it compulsory that you pack it in a manner that it does not get difficult for the children to access things from the backpack. So, first, all the books must be kept in the main biggest compartment. An alternative way is to keep the textbooks in one compartment and the notebooks in the other.

Then, the stationery must be kept in the front small compartment so that it is easy to take it out. Then, the lunchbox should be kept in the middle pocket and the water bottle in the side pocket made from net.

A child’s ID card and other important documents must be kept in the smallest pocket in the front or any interior pocket.

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