Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Fast Charging Not Working Or Charging Slow? Here Is How to Fix It!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, an Android phablet smartphone comes in the market with improved features, as compared to its predecessors. However, this smartphone in the market comes with an issue i.e. Note 5 fast charging not working. Note 5 not fast charging is often blamed because of the faulty hardware or accessories that is, associated with this smartphone. My Note 5 won’t fast charge; this is often complained by this smartphone user. The possible causes of why Note 5 fast charging not working are as follows:



  • Discredited power adapter
  • Damaged USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable
  • Loose USB or utility port
  • Corrupt caches and data, because of firmware update
  • Numerous applications (apps) running in the background
  • Severe hardware issue due to liquid or physical damage



Note 5 Won’t Fast Charge Anymore. Issue Resolved!

If your Note 5 does not fast charge, then here is the remedy for you: First of all, you will have to clean the charging port of your smartphone deploying can of compressed air. Ensure that you remove dirt or debris that might be stuck in the port, as it might cause charging problems. If your phone is fast charging now, then the issue is resolved; however, if the problem still persists, then you should proceed with the troubleshooting steps, which are listed below:


Step 1: Try using a different charging cord. The charging cord can be easily broken if it is persistently bent or coiled. Broken charging cord may be an issue if your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 fast charging not working.


Step 2:  Try using a distinct fast charger that should have an output rating of 2.0 Ampere (A).


If the above steps do not work for you, then you should bring your phone to a service centre to get it checked, as problem may be because one of the causes listed below:


  • Destroyed charging port assembly
  • Fault in a battery
  • Fault in power IC (Integrated Circuit)

Note 5 Not Charging After Software Update

Before blaming the update for causing this problem, you should check: Can your phone charge from a computer USB port? If your phone charges this way, then one of the pins of your charging port may have a problem, so you should have it checked at the service centre. If your phone still does not charge, then you have no other option than ‘Factory Reset’ your phone. Make sure you backup your phone data before going for this option. If the reset fails to resolve the problem, then you will have to bring your phone to the service centre for repairing.


Three Different Solutions to Fix Slow Charging in Samsung Galaxy Note 5

First Solution: Turn off the device, and plug in the charger; it will help you save energy. Observe carefully if your device default charging logo appears, and let it charge for an hour or several hours.


Second Solution: If the first method does not work, then delete system cache and data, and see if your device is still charging.


Third Solution: If your device is still not charging, then go for ‘Factory Reset’, and make sure your charger wires or cables are not damaged; this is the last method to charge your Note 5.


What have you learnt thus far about the query: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Fast Charging Not Working or Charging Slow? The reason why your Note 5 smartphone is not charging may be because it has damaged peripherals or corrupt data. Luckily, you have various solutions to fast charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The last recommended method to fast charge your smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is that you go for the ‘Factory Reset’ option.

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