Note 4 Not Fast Charging Anymore Or Stopped Charging? Here Is How to Fix It!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the top-of-the-line Android smartphones, and it comes with great battery life. When it is fully charged, it can provide up to 28 hours of talk time, 10 hours of web browsing, and 17 hours of video playback. Users can charge this phone to 60% capacity in only half an hour since this phone comes with a Quick Charge 2.0 technology. However, there are instances when Note 4 not fast charging.  


Is Your Note 4 Charger for Fast Charging Not Working?

Have you checked the battery percentage your phone is displaying when you are charging your phone using the fast charger? If a certain percentage level is reached, usually 75% while you are charging your Note 4 smartphone, then this smartphone switches back to normal charging to prevent the battery from being damaged. Note 4 fast charging time is 90 minutes, and it is recommended that you fast charge your phone if your battery is (20 to 30) %. You should check the charging port, USB (Universal Serial Bus) charging cable, quick charger, and the phone software if the fast charging feature of your Note 4 is not working. You can resolve this issue by following the following guidelines:



  • First of all, check the phone software. You must try to clean the cache partition of your phone, and find out whether it resolves the issue or not. If it does not, then it is suggested that you go for ‘Factory Reset’ by backing up your phone data.




  • Check the phone charging port, and make sure it is clean. If vital, deploy can of compressed air or a cotton bud dipped in alcohol to clean the port.




  • If the USB charging cord of your smartphone is broken, then replace it with another cable and see if your phone fast charges.




  • Try using a different quick charger if the above 3 guidelines do not work for you.



Note 4 Fast Charging Greyed Out


Do you receive the notification, “I am using the fast charger, but the box is greyed out in battery settings?” Does it confuse you about that your phone is fast charging? The answer is: The fast charge box greyed out as soon as you connect a charger. In order to tick the box, on or off, you must disconnect the charger.  


How to Turn On Fast Charging Note 4?

Here are the steps for you:

Step 1: Tap ‘apps’ (applications).

Step 2: Tap ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Select ‘Power saving’.

Step 4: Enable the4 ‘Fast charging’ option.


Note 4 Fast Charging vs. Normal

30 minutes is the difference between: Note 4 fast charging vs. normal charging. Normal charging takes up to 2 hours to charge your phone, whereas Note 4 fast charging time is 90 minutes. You can easily get bored if you normally charge your smartphone, Note 4.


Note 4 Not Fast Charging After Software Update

Is your Note 4 fast charging feature not working after software update? If yes, then here are the steps that you need to follow to resolve this issue:


Step 1: Using a can of compressed air, clean the charging port of your phone.

Step 2: If step 1 does not work for you, then you should try using a different charging cord to charge your phone.

Step 3: Try using a different wall charger if above two steps do not resolve the issue.


If the above steps do not work for you, then you can follow the following two points:


  • Factory reset your phone by trying starting the phone in ‘Recovery Mode’.
  • Replace the battery of your phone.


Bring your phone to the service centre if the problem still persists.  

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