Does The Moto Mod Support Wireless Charging?

There is no doubt that the Moto Z devices are great, although they could have been more attractive with the addition of wireless charging. In any case now, there is eventually a way to charge Moto Mod wirelessly.   


Moto Mod Wireless Charging

You can definitely buy a Moto Mod. It is a style-shell with an in-built wireless charging receiver. You only need to attach it to the back of your Moto Z or Moto Z2 device and things will go smoother! What do you have now? You now have Moto Mod wireless charging.

The new Moto Mod runs fine with all Qi (energy flow) wireless chargers and PMA (Power Matters Alliance) pads, which back-up to 10W (10 watt) of power. The Mod only supplements about 3.25mm to your Moto device. It is hardly perceptible and isn’t much of a trouble. The Mod is obtainable in 4 lovely designs and is available in e-commerce stores for $40.

Moto Mod Wireless Charging Battery

Moto Mod wireless charging battery is a great invention. It can help your phone stay alive 80% all day long, and it works perfectly. The battery pack runs very nice, and you can utilize it once to operate your phone for 2 days. The battery pack is compatible with Moto Z Droid, Moto Z Force Droid, and Moto Z Play Droid; and here are its features:

  • The power pack effortlessly snaps on to reload on the run.
  • It is stylish, and the streamlined external battery perfectly integrates with the phone.
  • The power pack backs up universal wireless charging.
  • Augments more battery life to the phone without supplementing bulk.
  • The 2,200 mAh (2,200 milliAmp hour) battery powers up the device for up to 22 more hours.
  • The efficiency mode starts automatically, when efficiency is at the greatest.  

Moto Mod Charging Pad

Moto Mod requires wireless charging pad that is, sold separately. The Moto Mod wireless charging works on Qi and PMA wireless charging pads. You can charge your phone battery at 10W (10 Watt) speed on a charging pad.


Incipio Moto Mod Wireless Charging

Incipio Moto Mod wireless charging runs in two versions i.e. Qi and PMA compatible. It comes with high quality standard protection and the best quality materials guard, and charge a user’s device. It charges and synchronizes utilizing the embraced micro USB (Universal Serial Bus). It is compatible with Moto Mods Platform 1.0 or the advanced.  



Mophie Moto Mod Wireless Charging

This type of wireless charging is compatible with Moto Z family of phones. 60% more battery is guaranteed, as it recharges the phone anywhere and anytime with attachable 3,150 mAh (3,150 milliAmp hour) battery pack. Mophie Moto Mod wireless charging is swift, so you always have extra battery power for your phone. It automatically charges at the most efficient times, and helps you attain 25% more battery life.  


Tumi Moto Mod Wireless Charging

Here are the key features of this type of wireless charging:


  • It supplements battery life to your phone without augmenting bulk to your pocket.
  • It supports wireless charging with a Qi charging pad.
  • It is compatible with Moto Z Droid, Moto Z Force Droid, and Moto Z Play.
  • It gives you up to 22 hours extra battery life.
  • It is normal for the battery pack to get warm during wireless charging.

Is The Moto X Style Phone (2015) Worth Buying?

The answer is: affirmative. It has sufficient firepower to virtually handle the task that you throw at it without a hiccup. It has a stock android interface, quad HD (High Definition) display, and all the other bells and whistles in its arm. So you must go for it.

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