Are MOPHIE battery cases worth the extra money?

Mophie battery case is one of the most popular battery cases used all around the world. Mophie battery cases are also certified Made For iPhone (MFi) battery cases which also make them one of the most expensive battery cases available. Battery cases are possible in a range of $15 to $150. So, why should a person buy a $150 battery case when he can get one for as low as $15? The answer is simple; people get blindsided by a logo of a famous brand. So, a person is paying for that brand’s logo and for the product itself. This might be the case with Mophie; Mophie’s battery cases are famous as well as expensive, but here we will evaluate whether they are actually worth the extra money or not?

1.    Is it slim and light?

Mophie claims to manufacture the slimmest battery cases. However, this is not at all true; there are thinner battery cases available in the market in the same or lower price range. The case adds a thickness of around the size of the phone itself. Same is the case with the cases’ weight; Mophie battery cases are not only heavy but also add ugly looks to your phone. Not all cases are available in different colors, so customers do not have much choice.

2.    Designed in two pieces

The case is also designed in such a way that two pieces need to be connected to perform any operation, unlike Apple’s smart case which is a one-piece case and very easy to attach and remove from the iPhone.

3.    Alignment

The headphone port position and button positions in the Mophie battery cases are also not aligned in several cases which makes it difficult for users to use the phone will the case is intact. This is extremely basic, and one expects a huge brand such as Mophie not to have such faults.

4.    Creating the heat

There have been several complaints regarding the heating up of Mophie battery cases while they are on the phone. This is extremely dangerous for you as well as your phone, because there is a potential risk of explosion or fire when a battery gets heated up. Moreover, when the case is intact, the heat is not able to escape too, creating an extra problem because when the heat is unable to escape, it becomes hazardous.

5.    Can be damaged easily

The case is made with a soft aluminum material at the borders of the lighting port which can get cracks very quickly, and when damaged up to a certain extent, it might as well stop charging altogether.

6.    ‘Accessory not supported.’

Even though the Mophie battery cases are certified Made For iPhone (MFi), there are several instances of the iPhone refusing to be charged through the battery case saying, ‘The accessory is not made to work with iPhone.’

7.    The price

The biggest disadvantage of buying Mophie battery cases is their price. They are much more expensive than the other brands’ battery cases available in the market. A person may buy an expensive battery case if he believes that that battery case does not have any problems and they can spend their money on this and would not have to worry about the case having any problems any time soon. However, even this is not the case here; Mophie battery cases are too expensive despite having so many issues. They are merely selling their brand name for that much money which would also not last much longer if they do not find a way to improve their quality.

Invest wisely in the most durable and affordable battery cases!

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