Do you know a Backpack/messenger bag that can fit my laptop?

Have you ever stopped to consider how much your bag helps you throughout your day? Have you ever stopped and thought how you would have passed school and high school and college and university without having a backpack? Or how you would carry all your files and documents to your office if you had no backpack? It is a scary thought, right? Well, then how would you react to me proposing that backpacks are one of the most useful inventions the world has ever seen, only second to perhaps the wheel.

Messenger Backpacks at

Every now and then, the bag manufacturers come up with a new type of bag and the world goes nuts to get it. Many years back, one such design for backpacks was released, now called the messenger bag, and it had everyone after it. This design was the epitome of style and gave the carrier a look of elegance. The bags were so sought-after because they officially introduced the concept of one strap, and had a latitudinal orientation, which was very different from what was the running design at that time.

Soon, with the invention of handheld computers, these backpacks came to be associated with the device, because of the great compatibility between the two. Now, messenger bags are known primarily as laptop bags and are great for not only laptops but is used by most lawyers because they are so good at handling files and documents.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of this type of backpacks is the fact that they are extremely susceptible to theft. This is because there is only one strap that holds the bag to your shoulders. This means that there is only one strap that any thief has to cut before they run away with your bag. This is the most usual form of backpack theft that occurs.

To prevent any such occurrence, you need to get the Laptop Backpack with USB charging from This backpack is the perfect laptop backpack, with waterproofing and a wide array of anti-theft features. You could also get the Shell Shape leather backpack which is made out of genuine leather or the Anti-theft Canvas Backpacks that has the most amazing looks.

What makes a Good Messenger Bag?

Since messenger bags are different from normal travel and laptop bags, the criteria that decides a good messenger bag is also different. Some of these criteria are:

  • Comfort: Many people who have suffered any shoulder or back injuries in the past will find that carrying a bag with only one strap causes a lot of discomfort. Even if you have had no injuries in the past, it is quite possible that you suffer at the hands of this one strap feature.
  • Compartments: When you want a messenger bag, it is very obvious that you have to carry lots and lots of papers. Sorting paper is very difficult. The most appropriate way to handle paper is having lots and lots of compartments to store your papers in.
  • Waterproofing: An essential tip for any kind of laptop bag is waterproofing. If your messenger bag is not waterproof and you get caught up in a rainstorm, your laptop is destined to get wet, and you know what that means.

Taking Care of your Messenger Backpack

Given the amount of work that they do for you, your backpacks deserve some care from you. Besides, the more careful you are of your bag, the longer it will serve you. There are two basic rules to care for your bag.

  • Firstly, make sure that your bag stays away from sharp objects. Even a small tear in your bag will ruin the bag quality by lowering the strength of your fabric. Even if you get the tear sewn back to normal, it will never be the same thing again.
  • Secondly, keep your bag clean. Not only will a dirty bag reflect poorly upon your personality, but a dirty bag also means reduced strength because some stains make may hurt your fabric and make it susceptible to tears.


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