Which backpacks are good enough for both carrying a laptop and additional clothes when travelling?

Every now and then, you will need to head out of your house, with a schedule full of things to go through for the day. On days like these, you will be out of your house for the entire day and come back, tired at night. At days like these, when so much is to be done in so little time, you will realize that having your laptop by your side is a blessing. It allows you to take control of everything even if you are not physically present there. However, you cannot just carry your laptop in your hand all day and keep running around from one place to the other.  What you need is a backpack to carry your laptop everywhere.

But What Kind of Backpack?

There are several types of backpacks available in the market. The most usual ones being school backpacks for children and teenagers, and travel backpacks for people who love to explore the world. Each type of backpack is suited only for the intended purpose.

For instance, you cannot put your laptop in a school backpack and carry it around with you, or buy a travel backpack for your small laptop, and move around with a heavy, bulky frame that wears you down. So, if you ever need a great laptop backpack that can also handle some spare clothes buy the Laptop Backpack with USB charging Port at gizmoist.com. This backpack has absolutely everything, from waterproofing to dedicated, padded pockets, to USB charging to durable material. Other great options include the 15-inch Solar Backpack and their Shell Shape Leather Backpack.

What must Such a backpack have?

Since this kind of a backpack has to handle a combination of functions, you should know that the backpack has requirements other than just a conventional laptop backpack or travel backpack. So, try and look for these features in your backpack so it could carry both your laptop and spare clothes:

  • Padding: The most basic requirement for a backpack that has to carry a laptop is padding. Without padding, you will be putting your laptop at a risk. Even if you do not intend to throw the backpack around, you can put your laptop in harm’s way only by carrying it around with you. This is because when you do walk with your laptop inside your backpack, the movement will caused might lead to a disengagement of important parts inside your laptop. This can be easily avoided with a padded backpack that holds your laptop in place.
  • Space: traditionally, a laptop backpack has very little space other than the laptop pocket and some place to hold your laptop charger and mouse and headphone equipment. This is because what is usually expected of a laptop backpack is just enough space to hold a laptop. But, since you need your backpack to carry some clothes too, you need to make sure that it has extra space.
  • Compartments: You cannot put your laptop and clothes in the same pocket. The buttons and zippers on your shirt or your trousers might scratch at the surface of your laptop and ruin its appearance. You also cannot put it with the charger because the charger cord might get wrapped around the clothes and get damaged. So, you need to make sure that not only is there enough space for your clothes, but also enough compartments to handle all of these things at once.
  • Waterproofing: You might already know that water does not go with a laptop, and you do not want to find the spare clothes wet, when you need them. Also, when your purpose with the backpack is travelling, you need to make sure that if ever a case arises where you get stuck in the middle of rain, you will want your belongings to stay dry. It is therefore emphasized that the backpack you buy, be waterproof.

It is important here to clarify that a water proof backpack will keep everything inside dry even when fully submerged in water, whereas a water resistant backpack is only good for light rain.

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