Is it bad to use your IPhone while charging?

If you are using your IPhone while charging you are simply using more battery power. However, it may slow down the charging process or your battery starts up draining faster to the point where your phone may hang up.

Texting does not do much harm to your phone’s battery life but watching videos or playing intensive games will negatively impact your battery. Also, if you use your phone near a heat source then it can affect the condition of the battery as it can overheat and also overcharge your battery; so always look for a cooler place to charge phone.

Consequences of doing two things at once?

Technically, you shouldn’t be eating and talking at the same time. Doing so may spoil one thing or the other. In the same way, charging and using phone may either slow down the charging process or end up harming the user in a most pronounced manner.

But in this fast paced world where even a second matters, doing multiple tasks in one time has become our habit. So, charging and using phone together has become a viable need. Let us explore why is it bad to use your IPhone while charging:


  • Harmful radiations:


If you are charging your phone through a power outlet, make sure you are not holding the phone too close to yourself or make a direct contact by holding the phone or listening calls directly. Charging creates an electromagnetic field around your phone and in the process; it transfers electric charge, heat and energy. Seldom usage of IPhone and charging may not harm you at once but doing it as routine can damage the health of your brain and heart as you will be exposed to radiations.  


  • Excessive heating up of iPhone in car:


With the advent of car chargers and wireless charging pads for users’ feasibility, the risk of your phone getting overheated has spiked up really high especially in broad sunlight. This in turns makes it highly dangerous to charge your phone on the go.  Exposure to sunlight while charging phone and running apps can heat up your battery which in extreme cases can burst.

The lithium ions in the battery may rupture due to this unhealthy rise in temperature thus causing a dire set back to your IPhone battery life. So your IPhone may shut down thus causing you trouble in two possible ways:

  • It may shut down permanently and knocking your pockets for a battery replacement or a new phone perhaps,
  • Or your phone may shut down in the middle of your trip to an important place leaving you in a blank state as to which direction to proceed with no GPS active for you.
  • No battery calibration:


Using phone alongside charging not only overcharges the battery but also affects its calibration cycle. It not reduces battery life but also exceeds the charge/recharge cycle thus asking for an earlier battery replacement. A calibration cycle is necessary once in a month or week depending on the usage giving you a total number of 500 cycles in a healthy battery.

When it is ok to use iPhone while charging:


  • If you have an original apple adapter, lighting cable and the original iPhone battery.
  • If the temperature of your phone and its surrounding is optimal: if your IPhone starts to heat up while you are on call during charging it is better to disconnect the call for 5 to 10 minutes or turn off internet, Bluetooth and apps running in the background.
  • The voltage of the power point is not fluctuating: it’s normally around 220V.
  • There is a low screen timeout: ideally it should be between 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • If your phone is on power saving mode: in this mode, the features get optimized and battery doesn’t get much affected during usage and charging. You can automatically activate this mode on your phone when your battery power reaches to 15%.  




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