Why my IPhone7 is charging slowly but draining quickly and how to fix it?

Most of the iPhone 7 users have faced slow charging issues as well as battery draining quickly. The phone comes with a higher battery capacity so it is quite unpleasing and a bit surprising for the users to face such a problem. There could be numerous reasons from clogged port to marred wires to incompatible adapters to discordant power sockets.

As stated by the company, it takes approximately 2 hours to charge your iPhone 7 battery. But if you are using low amperage charging cable then it could slow down the charging process. The voltage of iPhone chargers is fixed to 5W but the amperage vary from 500 mA to 2.1 amps. A cable with a higher amp can result in iPhone 7 charging slowly.

However, the only reason to the rapid battery drainage is the abnormal functionality of the apps. There are some applications such as Facebook that are continuously running in the background even if aren’t in use; such massive resource hogs drain the battery very quickly. So, it is highly advisable to turn off the refresh option for background apps.  

Few users also complained that the recent software update also causes quick consumption of battery life. It is noted that iOS 11.3 causes increased consumption of battery power when downloading apps, playing games, and receiving emails. Browsing and continuous use of Wi-Fi also highly affects the battery performance.

So how to fix the slow charging?

As the issue of charging iPhone 7 hovers on daily basis, so you instantly need quick solutions to fix it. Here are some suggestion for you:


  • Use original quality charger to charge your iPhone 7: you need to use the original charger for your iPhone which is 5W one with the right amperage. Change in voltage or amperage can also adversely affect the battery life. Use iPad or Mac Pro chargers for a quicker battery recharge.  You can even buy a universal charger that is readily available at Gizmoist.com. Due to its durability, fast speed and portability, it is a hit choice among iPhone 7 users.
  • Get a lighting USB cable: if your lightning cable is damaged then buy a new one from only Apple certified seller as this will ensure that you find genuine products.


  • Switch off the IPhone7 when charging: when charging iPhone 7, always switch it off as certain apps, software updates, and other background activities can halt or slow down the charging process.
  • Don’t discharge your IPhone completely: do not drain your battery completely rather plug-in your charger when 15% battery is remaining. Since most of the batteries contain lithium which internally damages the battery at 0%.
  • Take off your IPhone7 cover while charging: your battery cover heats up your phone quickly especially when charging. The excessive heat adversely affect the battery thus reducing its life span.

Fixing Fast Draining Battery:

Follow these steps carefully to restore the battery life of your iPhone 7:

  1. Make a backup of all your important data, pictures, videos, music and all other on your computer using iTunes as this will help you in quickly restoring it.
  2. Delete Facebook as it is massive battery hog and reinstall it. Check your battery charging settings again, if the battery usage time is different from standby time, then it means the problem has been resolved. Otherwise move to step 3
  3. Do a soft reset by holding wake button and volume down button at the same time for few seconds till the phone restarts.
  4. The reset the settings of your phone which will take about 10 minutes. You might end up losing your passwords so better make a backup at this stage as well.
  5. Restore your backup using iTunes. It will take almost an hour or 2, if you have got lots of data.
  6. Go to settings and manually switch off “Allow Notifications” on all the apps that you do not use frequently/regularly
  7. Fully charge your battery and then check the charge time of standby mode and usage mode. If there is a marked difference between the two then voila your battery is working fine now.
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