How to listen to music and charge IPhone7?

The new Apple IPhone7 is a departure from the traditional headphone jack and it’s the lighting port that accounts for both charging and listening to music.  If the users want to employ both the function at the same time, then they should get themselves headphone jack accessories.

This includes the buying an Apple lighting dock, wireless headphones and a lighting adapter so that you can charge phone as well as listen to music. If you want to tune in your playlist on the go then look for car conversion kits that can provide dual functions such as charging the phone and listening to music with a mutual port.

Apple wants to diversify its user’s interest and want to make them flexible to rapid technology change. In order to keep iPhone 7 and 7plus unique, they introduced various features in which omission of separate headphone jack is also a part. This also helped them in introducing wireless headphones among the masses thus paving way for new technology.

But, if you are among those users who wants to charge iPhone 7 and listen to music at the same time then you have to right place to get relevant tips.

Wireless headphones:

  • It is the most obvious and logical solution to your problem. You can use any wireless headphones such as ear buds or on-ear headphones that can be connected through Bluetooth.
  • Furthermore, Apple has its own Air Pods that uses new W1 chip technology; which is an in-built feature in iPhone 7 for improved Bluetooth activity.


These Air Pods have the battery life of 5 hours and they come with a wireless case that ensures 24hours of battery. So, now with wireless headphones you can listen to music without any hindrance.

Apple Lighting Dock:  

Employing the wireless headphones is not everybody’s preference so the next way you can buy yourself an Apple lighting Dock to enjoy continuous music while charging phone. Follow these step to make use of this accessory:

  • At the back of the Apple lighting dock, there is a lighting port. You connect your 3.5mm lighting connector of the lighting cable that comes with your Iphone7 pack to the port.
  • Now plug your IPhone in to the dock to charge it.
  • Simultaneously plug your regular headphones or your old ones at the back as it allows you to listen to music and charge your phone simultaneously


Lighting adapter:

The 2 ports in the lightning adapter is another workable solution to your query of how to listen music and charge iPhone 7 together.

  • Firstly attach the lighting adapter to your 3.5mm lighting port of your iPhone7
  • Once attached, the adapter will allow you to use two ports at the same time. You can now connect the headphone jack to one port and lighting USB cable to the other one. This method is officially termed as Lighting audio + Charge rockstar


Make wired headphone wireless:

It may be expensive to buy a wireless headphone when you have your old wired headphones in good condition. You can use the Bluetooth connectivity feature of headphone adapter and turn your wired headphones into wireless ones. It is slightly a costly solution as you need to invest few buck in buying a headphone adapter.

The car convertor kit:

If you want to listen to music and charge you phone while driving you can get yourself a car conversion kit. This device consist of a USB port and an Aux port. First, you plug-in the device in the power socket of your car and then connect USB lightning cable while plugging-in your phone. Then with your Aux cord connect your phone to your car stereo system. This allows you to simultaneously connect your iPhone to the charger as well as car stereo to enjoy music.

So, with this new feature of going wireless has introduced to simpler yet effective solutions for charging phone and listening music together uninterruptedly.


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