iphone 6 charging problems after update and how to fix them

If you have encountered charging problems in your phone then it is advisable for you to rule out few of the most common reasons such as damaged charging port, inflated battery, corrupted software or frayed lighting cable and adapter.

Most of the time it is the software crash or the outdated software that causes charging issues in your iPhone. It either causes slow charging or no charging at all when connected to the charger. It is not the adapter or lightning cable that charges your phone but it is the phone’s software that enables the process. So, if the software is not updated or is corrupted, then the charging process is highly affected; also resulting in a reduced battery lifespan.

So, it is better to update your IOS device and install the latest available update to minimize the problems. In order to get access to new features, gain a compatible security mechanism and a flexible use of functions and apps new software installation i.e. iOS11 is necessary in Iphone6 and 6s.

Consequences of software update in Iphone 6

Many users of IPhone 6 started to complain that their phones begin to function at a slower pace due to updates and hence affected its charging.

Apple explains:

that the reason behind slowing down the IPhone6 after software updates is to save the battery life of the IPhone. It should be remembered that a healthy battery need a calibration of 500 cycles and after that it retains 80% of its charging capabilities. So in order to save the battery for some time after 80% the IPhone needs to be slowed down keeping in mind the mechanism of lithium ions. Furthermore, with the software updates IPhone 6 will start using battery power at a faster pace because of the new features being installed.

Apple gives two options to cope with charging problems:

  • Battery replacement: whenever the users feel that their IPhone’s battery is degenerating they can opt for battery replacement
  • Software updates: using iOS 11.4 will give you an idea about your phone’s battery life. So go to settings and click on battery and you will see a new option Battery health (Beta). This feature is only in IPhone6 and 6s.

How to fix Charging problems in Iphone 6 and 6s after Software updates:

Keep in mind that if you are updating your iPhone 6 and 6s to new iOS, you should be prepared for issues ahead. It is because that despite of getting security improvements, the new software features are not well-supported by iPhone 6 and 6s thus making your phone slow. So, if still want to go ahead with updating software, here are some tips for you that can address charging problems in iPhone 6 and 6s:

  • Turn off your phone while charging: this may sound inconvenient but will surely speed up the charging process. This also signifies that it is the software update that is affecting the charging process of your phone.
  • Perform a factory restore: this will end up erasing all your data but if you have a backup on ITunes you can easily restore it. However, if the problem is rooted in third party apps, a factory restore won’t solve the problem. Just use your phone for 24 hours without any 3rd party apps to find out the actual cause of phone charging issues.
  • Use an original apple adapter and lighting cable: Apple has installed two additional checks in its software to reject any unlicensed device to be inserted in iPhones to charge so, now you are obliged to use original chargers only.
  • If the actual problem is in charging circuit then;
  1. Take your IPhone6 and 6s to the Apple store to have it replaced under OOW replacement.
  2. Take it to the repair shop that repair the components of the logic board through micro-soldering. This gives you two advantages:
  • It’s cheaper than replacement
  • There will be no need of a backup as you will still have your data
  • Troubleshoot Error53: the most common issue user face after software update is Error 53. This error occurs right in the middle of the restoration process when the phone is getting its backup data through ITunes. It freezes the phone and halts the restoration process. It is usually hardware related which can be resolved by replacing lightning port or the cable that connects touch ID with motherboard.


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