How to do fast charging on iphone X?

Apple’s latest flagship phone, the iPhone X, was announced in September 2007 and finally launched on November 3rd, 2017. The iPhone had all the features needed to be a perfect smartphone of this era with specifications ranging from a fantastic camera to lightning-quick face id and the all-new ‘worth-copying,’ wonderful notch at the top.

Despite all these mind-blowing features, the question of iPhone’s below average battery life popped up in every iPhone lover’s mind. If the problem weren’t solved, the brand-new iPhone would also be the target of humiliation at the hands of Android users. However, Apple had other plans. It launched the best fast charging feature until now in the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Apple claims that the iPhone can be fast charged to 50% in almost half an hour (user experiences have been more or less same) if the specific specified equipment is used in charging. The next 50% is comparatively slower as it takes around another 1.5 to 2 hours to get to 100%. This is mainly because of the nature of Li-ion batteries which almost all cell phones, including iPhone X, have these days.

The ions have more space to move when the battery is empty, but when the battery is partially charged, ions do not have enough space left to move around, so the charging gets slower and slower.

The fast charging provides significantly good quality of charge too; the talk time is up to 21 hours and the internet usage time is up to 12 hours both of which are 2 hours higher than the previous iPhone, iPhone 7. The iPhone X fast charging, being practical, gives a great competition to other phones’ fast charging, especially Qualcomm’s quick charge.

How to fast charge an iPhone X?

There is no rocket science or any laboratory-based work to fast charge an iPhone X. All that a person needs to fast charge an iPhone X is the recommended charging equipment and a good movie on his/her home theatre while the iPhone is fully charged from 0 to 100%. Disclaimer: you might want to silent your iPhone as it might get charged sooner and disturb you between the movie, and oh, don’t worry about over-charging; the iPhone is smart enough to stop consuming any extra power when it is fully charged.

Unfortunately, the box of your $1,000 iPhone doesn’t include the charging equipment which supports the fast charging feature of the phone. The accessories included are just capable of the same old slow charging. So, even though it is not very difficult to fast charge an iPhone X, you might have to spend another hefty amount of your savings to buy them up to the marking equipment that is required to appropriately fast charge your iPhone X without any risks of fire or explosions.

For the cable part, you’ll need a USB-C to a lightning cable which you’ll have to buy from Apple directly, and it is not available anywhere else, because Apple controls the production of these cables and hasn’t yet allowed any third-party manufacturer to produce these cables. These cables are available in one meter and two meters with the latter being more expensive. Moving on to the power brick, here you can get an outstanding choice, and you can save some money here. Options include Powstro, Hotnow, Baseus Adapter and so on. However, here too, you always get to hear the myth that you just need to stick with Apple’s product because using a third-party product can not only damage the results of iPhone X fast charging, it may also damage your device. The third party chargers are designed with specific features and they are not going to have any impact on your phone. They are high quality specifically designed chargers that cost the minimal amount!

So now you can enjoy perfect fast charging with wireless and as well as battery case options!


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