How to clean fix or replace iPhone X charging port?

Are you also asking yourself the same thing: does iPhone X have a charging port? Apple Company’s new, innovative smartphone — the iPhone X comes with a regular charging port but also includes two new features related to charging that give it an upper hand on its predecessors.

One of the features is the inclusion of fast charging facility provided by Apple’s USB-C cable that can be attached to the phone’s lighting cable. While the other is that iPhone X can be charged wirelessly as well. If the charging port is filled with dirt, is loosened or needs replacement, you can easily switch to its wireless charging feature. But first we need to see how we can clean and fix the charging port before opting for wireless charging as it slows down the charging process:

Cleaning the iPhone X charging port:

You can clean the charging port by either a tooth brush or any anti -static brush. Most people advise the traditional tooth pick to clean the lint and debris from the lighting port. However, this may damage the tiny pins in the iPhone X charging port.

It is better to seek professional help as they are skilled for it and geared up with the right kind of equipment. But if you want to clean your IPhone X charging port at home, then follow the procedure mentioned below:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • For this, you will need a screw driver, small can of compressed air and a straw.
  • First, with a screw driver open the two screws at the bottom of the phone where your IPhone X charging port is located and expose the inside of the port.
  • Use an air can and attach straw to its nozzle
  • Now direct the straw towards the end of the charging port
  • Gently blow few puffs in to the charging port and repeat few times and then test the port.

If your phone starts charging then it means the dirt has been removed which was causing the problem.

DIY USB port fix:

You can DIY repair the actual hardware of IPhone X charging port by following these steps.

  • Shut down your device
  • Remove the battery and with a tooth pick “lever up “the small tab inside the USB port on your phone.
  • Do this very carefully and then gently insert the battery back and plug the lighting connector in to the device so that it begins to charge

NOTE: 90% of the time your phone may cease to charge, this technique works the best. You can apply this technique to fix your IPhone X charging port as well.


Fix a loose charging port:

It depends on how much the charging port of IPhone X is loose. If it is wriggling only, then you need not to panic as you can fix it at home with a T3 magnetic screwdriver.

All you need, is to fasten the screws of the lighting port with the magnetic screw driver by removing the faceplate of the device. It is advisable to use magnetic screwdriver because the phone’s charging port is small and delicate; slight carelessness can damage the tiny pins making it impossible to repair it.

However, if you end up tampering the pins then you need to replace them using the same T3 magnetic screwdriver. But, if the battery has suffered the damage then you need to replace it with the new one but make sure it is compatible with IPhone X.

If you want to replace the charging port completely then replace it with Apple IPhone X charging port Flexible cable replacement. It is a brand new replacement compatible with IPhone X charging port only.

If you do not intend to spend time, energy or money on repairing the port then switch to the wireless feature. But keep following things in mind:

  • You need to remove the iPhone X case before placing it on the charging mat as it can hinder the wireless charging signals.
  • Apple sells both Morphie and Belkin wireless charging pads which has the best Qi compatibility but they are expensive. Although you can use any pad or dock that comes the Qi standards.
  • For wireless charging, you need to update the software of iPhone X to the latest IOS version as the features are compatible with the new version only.

So the users of iPhone X have the benefit of charging both the ways but wired charging is mostly preferred as it requires less charging time. Within 30 minutes, your battery power can reach from 0% to 50% which is quite rapid for iPhone users.  


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