How to charge an iPhone that won’t charge or turn on at all?

What to do if my iPhone 5 won’t charge or turn on?

Released in September 2012, the iPhone 5 was one of the most celebrated iPhones in the history. Many things were entirely new in the iPhone 5, and amongst them, the most prominent was the charging port.


Apple had finally left behind that colossal charging port which was the last present in the iPhone 4. iPhone 5 came out with this small charging port more or less the size of the universal charging port which almost all android phones had.


Although Apple introduced several new features in the all-new iPhone 5, one problem which existed was the charging issue. The iPhone 5 faced a lot of charging issues, and the internet is flooded with searches saying, ‘my iPhone 5 won’t charge’. So, here are some reasons why your iPhone 5 won’t charge and the solutions to them. You can solve all your charging issues by getting your charging eqipments from here!

1.    The sleep mode

iPhone has a sleep mode which can turn on automatically but won’t turn off automatically. This sleep mode will turn your screen black, and the screen won’t turn back on until you turn off the sleep mode. So, to turn off the sleep mode, you need to hold the power key and the home button for around 10 seconds until the screen comes back on.

2.    Dust and dirt

Dust and dirt, when accumulated, can cause troubles more than you think it can. The dirt can completely prevent your iPhone from charging because the iPhone won’t be able to establish a stable connection with the charger. We do clean our iPhones occasionally, but we do not clean its charging and earphone ports. So, next time when your iPhone does not charge, instead of searching ‘my iPhone 5 won’t charge’, try searching ‘how to clean iPhone 5’s charging port’.

3.    It’s the software, not the hardware

Most of the time when our iPhones stop charging, we start panicking, and we run here and there to change our charging equipment or try replacing the iPhone’s battery. However, that’s not the right thing to do many times. It’s not always your hardware that’s preventing your iPhone from charging; sometimes, it can be the software too. Try hard resetting your iPhone or connecting it to iTunes and then hard resetting. If it still doesn’t charge, try contacting the Apple support, instead of trying things by yourself and further damaging your iPhone.

4.    Use Apple’s charging equipment

Although the iPhone can be charged using any third-party charging equipment, it is always safe to use Apple’s original products because it would not only prevent your iPhone from long-term damage and charge it efficiently, but it would also prevent the warranty from getting void. You may choose from Apple’s products, though; you can get power adaptors offering different wattages (5W, 10W, 12W). Using Apple’s USB-C to lightning cable can be very helpful to charge your iPhone quickly and efficiently.

5.    Check for damage

If either your iPhone or your charging equipment is damaged, it will prevent your iPhone from charging. Your iPhone might have fallen, or some liquid might have spilled on it, both of which can damage the iPhone and prevent it from charging. Comparatively, there are more chances that your charging equipment is damaged. So, what you can do is try someone else’s charger or buy a new one for yourself.


There are different charging times when different charging equipment is used. Although iPhone 5 is not compatible with fast charging, you can still reduce its charging time by charging it through the USB-C to lightning cable and a different power adaptor than the one which comes with the iPhone itself (5W power adaptor).

It takes around 2 hours when the iPhone 5 is charged via the 5W power adaptor which comes with the iPhone. However, the charging time is reduced to as low as 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes, when a bigger power adaptor (10W or 12W) is used.

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