Why my IPhone is taking forever to charge and dying fast?

From clogged lighting ports to marred cable wires to a swollen battery to software corruption could be the reasons for your iPhones taking forever to charge. So, in order to troubleshoot the issue, you first need to find the root cause. Once you have figured out the main reason then you will be able to find a suitable solution that will cease your battery to charge at its normal pace.

Here, we have few tips and DIY solutions that will help you fix the problem at home only; thus saving your trip to the technician or buying new accessories to save you some money. First, let’s find solution to answer your query: why is my iPhone taking so long to charge?


  • You are not using the original charger.


It is preferable to use the original charger that comprises of a lighting USB cable and the wall adapter. Avoid using cheap poor quality accessories for charging your phone as chargers are specifically designed to meet the required voltage of respective devices.

Wall outlets are better than car chargers or USB cables connected to PCs to charge the device. This might harm your battery, if the sufficient power is not provided.


  • A low amperage power source.


The higher the amperage of your charger, the faster your device will charge. So, it is better to you an IPad charger which is of 2.1amp sufficient for your device to charge faster than the normal pace.


  • Frayed lighting cable.


Sometimes, it is the damaged USB cable, the one that connects with the lighting port that causes slow charging. A frayed cable is unable to provide the right amount of current to your phone which not only slows down the charging process but also damages the battery thus reducing its lifespan.


  • Apps active in the background:


As apps are updated automatically, they consume lot of battery power. So if your phone is being updated while charging phone, then this can cause your phone to charge slowly. Apps running in the background can directly affect charging; so, it is highly advisable to either switch off the internet or your phone when connecting phone to the charger.  



  • Battery is degraded or not calibrated :


Battery calibration is necessary because not only it conditions the battery but helps the software to calculate the range of battery life. After every major IOS update, users should calibrate their phone so that they can have an idea of battery’s condition. Battery also gets depleted with time but with regular calibration you can slow down the process.


  • Extreme temperatures:


Winters have a lot of impact on charging iPhone as it can cause battery to deplete faster. Aluminum may not take a long time to lose heat in the cold and lithium ions do not perform well in the cold which in turn can distort battery calibration.


  • Excessive wireless charging causes faster battery depletion.


A major setback isn’t it? Wireless charging is introduced in newer iPhone models with an unprecedented pace but it can also damage battery life. Wired charging can give you a full battery even when in use but a wireless charger continuously charges your phone without even charging it fully.  This affects the lifespan of your battery as it get damaged due to overheating and overcharging with a wireless charger.

Thus, IPhones generally take a good lot of time to charge. If you wonder that how long it does take for iphone to charge then the time varies from 2 to three hours with original chargers especially if the later models such as IPhone 8 or 7 are considered. With such long hours for charging, will you even try things that can deplete battery life and slow down the charging process? Well, the answer would be no then you should avoid things that could lead to damaged battery.


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