Does iPhone Overnight Charging Destroy the Battery?


Different people have different charging routines. Some people charge their iphones in the morning, while some charge at work, some might carry charging equipment, such as power bank or battery cases with them, and then there are some people who charge their mobile phones overnight.

These people connect their iphones to the chargers at night before sleeping and remove it from charging in the morning after waking up. These people are brave, and we must say because they do not care about the potential dangers of charging the phones overnight of which we are warned everywhere every time. 

Evaluating whether charging overnight is terrible or not!

There are arguably, two sides to this matter. One saying that it is outstanding and risk-free to charge the phones overnight, these people include mobile phone manufacturers and charging equipment manufacturers, while others believe it is hazardous and we should not leave our mobile phones unattended when they are charging. Both the sides have their arguments which are pretty much valid. Let’s discuss them here.

Stance 1: iPhone overnight charging is risk-free and safe

The main risk of charging an iPhone 6 overnight is the overcharging issue. If the iPhone gets overcharged, there might be long-term damage to its battery. However, most of the smartphones, including iPhones, these days come with a particular internal chip which prevents your iPhone from overcharging by stopping the charging when the battery has reached its full capacity to 100%.

Now, in the middle of the night whenever your iPhone 6 falls below 100%, the charger starts charging and gets it back to 100%, i.e., it does trickle charging.

On the other hand, there is a heating issue (discussed later) of charging the iPhones overnight. However, you can get around that problem quite much by removing the case that traps the heat from escaping or keeping your phone on a dull surface instead of on pillows, books and so on.

Stance 2: iPhone overnight charging is risky

Conversely, people who believe that charging your iPhone 6 overnight is dangerous, say that the trickle charge harms your iPhone more than your imagination. These people say that the longer you charge your lithium-ion battery, the shorter will be its lifespan.

Although the iPhone is too smart to stop charging when it’s done, it would still be heating up and trickle charging. It is a natural thing with lithium-ion batteries that they heat up while charging, and that heat can prove to be deadly. The weather, when risen to high enough temperature, can cause a fire, explosion or severe long-term damage to the battery.

This heating problem intensifies, even more, when your iPhone is in a case that is preventing the heat from escaping. The heat gets trapped in between the iPhone and its case and can cause severe damages.

Impact of poor quality chargers

Moreover, when you are using lousy quality charging equipment, the equipment can also get severely damaged when used for charging overnight. This equipment can also cause fires, explosions or short circuits. An average battery has a life of about 600 complete cycles of charging (i.e., 0% to 100%).

Now, many people have a habit of waiting for their iPhones to go down to 0% and then charge it right up to 100%. This happens mostly with the people who charge their iPhones overnight, and it’s, unarguably, hazardous for your iPhone’s battery as it not only reduces the charging cycles available to them, but it also heats up the iPhone.

The Verdict

Conclusively, we can get at the decision that charging your iPhone 6 overcharging does not affect your iPhone’s battery very much. However, the heating issue is one to be thought upon and taken care of. So, if you notice that your iPhone is regularly heating up because of charging overnight, you might want to stop before the problem gets much more severe.

You might also try removing a mobile case that is trapping the heat inside it, if that helps your phone and stops it from heating. Moreover, you can try those smart home switches which turn off automatically at the time when they are scheduled to do so.

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